Time to admit I suffer from depression?

I have been through school, college , university and had to deal with something before I eventually found myself a really good full time job , in getting to this point I have had my parents’ divorce. My mother suffers from along term mental illness and is in care , I am currently her deputy for all her affairs. I don’t get on with my dad. During the time I left uni in search of the job i ran up so much debt for , I worked all the hours under the sun in a retail job I hated in which I got shocking pay for , during this time I lost my grandparents , my long term girlfriend. It took me 8 months after finally leaving university to find a job and during those 8 months I had to work a part time job i hated and volunteer just so i could gain the position I am in today. The break up from my long term girlfriend was the final kick this changed me into a different person , lots of drinking / fighting and not really caring about the consequences of my actions. Although I have now calmed my drinking down, and i continue to do well in my job. I cant get over my ex I have lost interest in the hobbies I had and I try to work as much as I can if I’m not working then I’m living for the weekend because its acceptable to have a good drink. My life has gone from having good friends , family and a loving girlfriend to working all the time and taking on responsibility no one my age should ever have to put up with. Things are not getting any better it’s just moments of highs then reality hits. What on earth has happened to me ?


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  • Goodtimes,

    Be encouraged that you know yourself, and that you know your situation well enough that you know to ask for help. Have you spoken to anyone else about this, like your GP or a social worker?

    It can be tough to ask for help... and it can be especially hard to admit the possibility of depression. It takes more courage to take that step and ask someone. I know, because it took me 6 years from first wondering whether I had depression to actually speaking to a GP.

    No-one here can diagnose you, but I do want to say that there are two kinds of depression. One is completely internal, and is there regardless of situation. The other is situational, and I would suggest that if you have depression it would be this type. You have lost a lot recently especially your grandparents and girlfriend. One of these would be horrible enough, but both together is awful. Don't deny the stress of looking after your mum, too. I wonder if you are going through grief stages in losing your girlfriend? the grieving process is now recognised as being for anything we held close to us... I can give you more information on this if you would like?

  • Hi, As you say, you have been coping with more than someone of your age should have had to cope with and have experienced a lot of loss during the same period. I would suggest you see your GP and ask to be referred to someone with whom you can talk through your experiences and begin to gain the support you have been needing and still need. Yes, you probably are depressed and mild medication may help in the short term but from my experience I think gaining emotional support will be of more long terms benefit to you. I wish you well, Suex

  • Hi,

    First of all I'm sorry for all the stress you have had to endure. I would definitely suggest speaking to your GP as there are many forms of therapy such as CBT and mindfulness.

    If we acquire negative thinking this in turn can affect our feelings, physical symptoms and behaviour. All of these are related and they can all affect each other equally. This may explain why you feel your are drinking more. What I'm wondering is if you have a hobby you enjoy other than drinking such as reading? Or if there is a close friend you can speak to about how you are feeling?

    If you would like anymore advice or would like to see what options are available then please do feel free to look around the action on depression website actionondepression.org/

    Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Hi. Have you visited doctor found out which type depression you in?

    I found out myself having a Bipolar-Discord depression affect through my born as a deafness I am not able accept what I am. I too cannot speak properly. I found out when I am 5year old enter kindergarden child center. Most of my study in school always get bully, abuse, beat me up, slap, mock at me. I am more painful I did not tell my parent. I cannot communicate with my parent I can't speak well they cannot hear what am I talking. I also have broke up relationship from abuse I too no report to police beat up from my old ex boyfriend. My parent saw witness that day I come home my face and body all bruise. I become like that. Always get wrong mixed up bad accompany friends. I swear myself protective no more make new friend. Slowly slowly always flashback memory and nightmare remember horrible thing always happen to me. I lost my beloved father from cancer very huge biggest blow cannot let go my father death hard to accept. He is the person understanding me very well my soulmate.

    I am married with husband born as a deafness and retard austium I too duno about his illness after married I noticed myself. More n more face hard to understand my husband illness and my own depression bipolar disorder. I make my move go straight to seek for help counsel and doctor. Coz I feel worthless wasting of my other half life span to go I feel stupid why let my depression control my rest of my life. I did talk to my husband he agreed for my counsel he very supportive me. Coz sake for my mother and myself and my hubby. Hope I get well soon from my depression. I know I am not alone who have depression. Hope everybody get well soon. Overcome it do not running away your problem stand up and face this if not this is too late. Good luck everybody. This is my 1st time online blog talk and share about depression

  • Such is life - it is what it is

    That's what I say to myself, because it's true. You get to a point where you just have to resign yourself to it in order to carry on. Otherwise you spend/waste the rest of your years wondering about it all - why did that happen - why me - what if - etc. I know it's harsh, but unless you can shrug and take a deep breath and then march your feet forward you stagnate into a blob and never get anywhere.

    Life is sh*t for so many people all over the world. Trouble is we only see the happy rich smiley side of it on our TVs and rarely see the pissiness that most people deal with each day.

    When my burden of cr*p gets too much I try to put my troubles into perspective by thinking of what I have that's good that I'm desperately glad I have - stuff we take for granted - like eyesight and working legs, etc. Then I think what's passed is past - and I push on through.

    Sometimes it feels good to wallow in misery for a few days to have a good sob and to expell the inner demons - but after that it's time to push on with living, because it's all about change. You're down now, but next year you might be at the top. Who knows?

    Take care.


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