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Replying to posts can take quite a while on a forum dealing with depression as one struggles to find the right words to give encouragement and advice to our fellow sufferers who are understandably very vulnerable.

Some of us did express concern that the widening of the forum geographically would bring problems. I am mildly annoyed for instance that having spent some time trying to reply helpfully to a recent post, it appears that some of my reply is totally non-relevant as the poster is not resident in the UK, although this was not apparent from the post but only from reading other posts on other forums.

It hardly encourages replies knowing that advice or help given is totally non relevant to someone outside the UK but not identified as such. Can the heading of a post not be modified to identify the country of origin ? I have no objection to helping sufferers in other countries but I do object to having my time wasted.


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  • Well said Olderal.

  • Hi Olderal, I agree that it is frustrating not knowing which country someone is from. Unfortunately, only HealthUnlocked can change the settings on here, not the Shaw Mind Foundation admin. If you wish to contact them with this suggestion you can do so via email at

  • I have sent them an email.


  • :)

  • I absolutely agree with Olderal.

  • I agree with you Olderal. There is a place on your profile where you can put your country of origin but many people leave it blank.

    Maybe a better way is to ask them where they are from (if relevant) before you go into any detail?

  • Hello Olderal

    Nice too see you are still tapping the old kybd.

    I do understand how you feel regards the writers from other countries. I do not think there is a way to sort out that problem. All I can suggest is if policy allows, ask them if they are from the other side of the pond.

    There has been health problems in various English speaking States and that is why we all seem to be getting all these responses from abroad.

    Personally I have been stuck for time over the last six weeks as I am back at school taking my Marine Radio and level 2 Handling Power Boat Courses, we will be studying again for the second part of our Practical as the weather improves. We have just got our Dry Suites as we will be going out to sea and have to remain dry

    How are you ?


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