I apologise if I seem to trivialise others problems on here, but I'm really desperate. Lost virtually all my money. Career ended on a bad not family falling apart and now in trouble with the police. Feeling pretty terrible and it's been building up for years. Psychiatrist and psychologist cant help medicines don't work, life plans in tatters. So dizziness and headaches seem fairly minor. Samaritans no help , but they ae nice people. Nothing left and unable to tolerate myself. Tried all sorts of wacky treatments - EFT, tapping, minfullness etc, Nothing helps.

Prayers don't seem to be answered....................

Sympathy and kindness just adds to my guilt. I feel truly doomed

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  • I am sorry you have been unable to find any help so far. There are some organisations here who may be able to help.

  • Thanks but I've contacted all the relevant ones many times. Talking doesn't seem to help, it only reminds me of the problems and reinforces my anguish over them. I do an hour a week with a psychologist and have done for 2 years.

  • I feel so so sorry for you goldie ! You seem to be going from bad to worse and still falling down & down ! How long has this been going on ? How did you manage to get in such a horrible pickle ? This is frightening and indeed so depressing .

    So you cannot count on your family's support, help and sympathy (dont worry many of us are in that boat too) but do you have at least 1 friend or relative or colleague or neighbour or even old school friend to whom you may confide and who would listen to you (without judgement) and provide some emotional and moral support . You seem to be very lonely and isolated , no wonder your whole world is crashing around you . Or just get a pet animal for company and unconditional affection .

    You have to learn to take care of yourself and be responsible for yourself . Remember nobody can love you or respect you if you don't respect and love yourself . I know its a long hard struggle (maybe years) but you have to start somewhere someday - one little step at a time . Only you can change yourself and turn things around .

    Don't lose hope and give in to black despair , this is only make life worse for you .Take care . cecilia

  • I've had plenty of support from my family, but they can't really help. There are huge consequences from my decisions in the past now

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