Hi anyone, Hope you can help. Ive got terrible agoraphobia (hadnt driven for 9 months)and have a dental phobia from childhood.. I broke my tooth and went to the dentist with alcohol in my system from previous night plus lozazepam (just one) then I clipped a parked car coming home - no one hurt, then all the emerg. servicies were there, breath tested 2 times over the limit!! but I hadn't eaten prop. for 6 days. I've surrendered my licence via Police constable on night of accident which he sent to DVLA as I'm 65+ dont want to drive anymore. Got to go to Police station and court. GP gave me antidepressants but too frightened to take them as all dreadful symptoms may come back including suicide . Any advice? My tabs. are Citatolpram. Im not going to risk taking them. Can anyone give me any help/advice? I would be so grateful. Thanks xxxx


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  • Hi what a nasty experience but don't beat yourself up about it. These things happen and we have all done stuff we shouldn't have haven't we? We wouldn't be human if we hadn't.

    Agraphobia is awful isn't it? I have a sister who has suffered from this for years. It's not going to go away on it's own so you need to take steps to get yourself feeling better and more able to go out. All the doctor can do is give you meds and/or counselling. It's your choice if you don't want to accept that. It's true that meds can make you feel worse until they get into your system, but then they should really help when they kick in. The ad's they use these days are a lot safer than the ones used in the past. They aren't so addictive or so powerful, and most of them you can't overdose on. Well you can but you couldn't kill yourself with them. I am on sertraline and I asked my doctor this question because I was worried about having too much temptation..

    The other choices you have are self help. You can access some therapy online such as mindfulness if you wish to go down this route. x

  • Thank youx

  • Take your ADs , they will eventually calm your Depression and mood.

    With regards your Dentist, if you are a VERY bad patient you may be entitled to dentist treatment under sedation, that will calm you and you will only remember little bits of the treatment. Like you I am in my sixties and I go for a pre op for sedation next week. I have had this type of dentistry since I was just over thirty.

    Regards drink and drive and it lasting from previous evening, yes that happens and the Police need to apply the Law.

    If you feel the draw to Suicide all I can suggest is you contact NHS Helpline on telephone 111.

    Explain your fears and they will triage. At least if you are feeling a little tentative call your GP or the local office of the Samaritans

    You can come back here for a bit of support, if needed

  • Thank you x

  • I'm a dental nurse so feel I could maybe help a bit, it's horrible having a day like that. When it comes to dental fear it's a real tricky one as the fear stems from different things for people so it could be needles it could be noise or even just the chair alone as you are put in quite a vulnerable position lying back with someone looking over you. There's a lot of options for treatment such as sedation and general anaesthesia or even hypnosis which I know has worked for some in the past you'd be surprised ! We have a lot of patients on citalopram ( we have to ask patients of all their medication as some affects the aneasthetic that we use etc but citalopram is fine) and they always say it really helps to stabilise them. I would advice taking them for 2 weeks and seeing how you are doing. I hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you x

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