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Hi. I read many posts and messages and slowly reply. It's been up and down for me. good-I am eating more spinach and smoothies and I think it helped a bit. I managed to do a small amount of crafting too. I have a new counsellor via NHS UK The Big White wall online/telephone, he is nice.

I am procrastinating again. I AM sitting at work and have sat here an hour done no work and feel quite down though last week was better. I get tired so easily with CFS too. I have a new supervisor who seems to believe in me and wants me to progress, it's all quite late but I guess it's good really. I need to do 'work sheets' for the depression/counsellor thing which I put off. I've done some of the reading.

This post is the first and hopefully not the last positive thing I do today.



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4 Replies

  • Hey great to see you back here mysmugcat What actually is CFS ? Your job I presume. Well done with the spinach and smoothies

  • Hi Satsuma and thanks. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  • Ahh ok thanks for explaining .. Yes it is chronic .. Not very comfortable to fit in with the 'norm' of life

  • Because we suffer with invisible illnesses people think we are fine