Feeling depressed randomly

I go through a cycle of feeling good about myself and being happy with the way I look. This lasts a week or up to 2 weeks. Then I start feeling so ugly and down. I feel like im so isolated and different from people my age. I think this has something to do with my choice of not doing drugs and doing things most people my age do. Ive been dealing with this cycle since ive been 13 and im 22 now...

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  • Do you think it could be anything to do with your time of the month . It seems to me it is a monthly process . Good for you on not doing drugs that would only make you feel so much worse . Go and see your doctor he/she will be able to help, you need to get this sorted , your so young to be feeling this way .. Plese let us know how you get on x😇

  • Hey Katie,

    I totally know what you mean about not doing drugs. My boyfriend and I are both 20 and it is hard to find the right group of people to hang out with who don't do drugs. If you ever need anything or just need a friend to talk to I am always here. Goodluck!

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