Quite k up date been to doctors earlier totally broke my heart to her told her the horrendous thoughts and feeling I'm now having so now waiting on the crisis team coming, the only place I'm gonna feel safe is in hospital, I've shown a list of all the health services available to me regard mental health and she is going to try and get so much help, I feel like I'm constantly fighting with someone inside me, one half good one half bad and the bad part is winning hands down, I wanna go away and completely change my identity and everuthing

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  • I expect the hospital will give you something else to think about anyway. Being locked up, constantly observed and never trusted is not a great experience. The really difficult and dangerous time is after you come out again - hopefully you can turn your thinking around to a more positive view and have a plan b as to what your future holds

  • I've now been waiting in doctors for hrs waiting for crisis team is this normal

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