So I've determined I'm not depressed, but I still need to make changes in my life

Hello again, this is my second post. What would you do in my situation? I think this post might help some other people with depression.

I lack a lot of structure in my life. I used to go to college/university and that would give me a reason to get out and speak with people, but I've left university and I spend every day sitting in doors. I know many of you are gonna say get a job, which I have done in the past, and it works to some extent, but most jobs are focused on you doing work and not socialising and talking with people. I had a job at Primark, and while I did make some friends, there was little time to speak with my co workers and continue relationships outside of work. Work got to be a bit of a chore and not something bringing me much life satisfaction.

I'm currently in the process of applying for an apprenticeship for a school, and doing construction work temporarily for income. Another step I'm trying to take is to move out my mum's house and live with other people, the more housemates the better.

What else can I do? I need to make some new friends. Hopefully my apprenticeship will bring a positive change to my life, like college did 3-4 years back, but I can't rely on that. Any advice?


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  • Maybe you could do what you are drawn to ... What are your passions ? You will never have to work a day in your life if you do something you love and that inspires you

  • Join a club for sport or exercise or hobby. Singles meet up groups. Looking for social opportunities.

  • Perhaps consider looking at an app called "Meetup". There are loads of different groups on there depending on your intetest. If there isn't one, then consider creating a group of your own.

    See if you can find a group that is relatively close to you.

    Best wishes.

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