Iv never been good at sharing my emotions about depression and anxiety, maybe I have a fear of them not understand tho I don't ly understand them at times but it's gotten so bad recently that it's something I cant hide anymore and it's destroying my life and work. Iv taken two unexpected days off and have to explain why, but I'm scared they will understand my issues or take me seriously as im 20 and they are all 40+ where i work.


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2 Replies

  • Hi Dave

    It is hard to share emotions, i have been doing it a lot lately and sometimes I think that it is too much and that I am now seen as 'weak'. It is hard not to worry about what others think but you can not mind read or change their thinking so concentrate on what you can change which is you.

    It is great that you have recognised the issue. Places like this are great for advice, shared experience etc, so a good safe place to practice opening up a bit.

    It might be worth a trip to your G.P to chat about how you are feeling, they might suggest a bit of talking therapy or anti depressants, maybe something else.

    Talking things through with a proffessional does sometimes help to understand what is going on for you. If you do go down this route remember that there are good and bad and that if you have a bad experience try someone different.

    Only a suggestion. Happy to chat anything through that you wish, if you can take control of it in your 20s that would be awesome.

    Cheers, Matt

  • Hi DavidGee, first go to your Dr and explain how your feeling, if you can manage without pills great, but if you need some to try and get you over the way your feeling just now well that's fine too. Regarding your work place only talk to whoever it matters too for your time off unless there is someone you feel will understand, age doesn't come into it, depression doesn't discriminate. I hope you feel better soon, try and do something you enjoy when you come home or meet up with friends, don't stay too much on your own it allows the mind to work overtime. I hope this helps in some small way, and remember your not alone. Pop in here we're open 24/7.

    Take care.

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