My bad teeth making me feel worse

my name is krishna and im 18 years old now.. I have a bad front tooth and its always making me depressed . I lost one of my front tooth when i was 11 years old and it was really a bad time for not having one front tooth and i always hid my smile from everyone even from my parents..they told me that it will get filled up with the tooth next to it (they dont have much knowledge about that) .

After long years...the tooth (lateral incisor) next to that gap came to front and it really looked messed up and i again hid my smile as it looked very bad ...

when i was 16 my parents took me to a dentist .. and they filled some material to that lateral incisor to make it look like the other front tooth next to it..

But it was not good again it looked bad and when i smile .. my friends just stares at my front tooth and say .. they both look different and they just laughs...

Again i went to another dentist 3 months later .. He filled up that tooth which was already filled a little previously from another dentist and my gum area was lifted up and then was that tooth filled .. so .. he told me that i have to wait for 2 months for that gum area to be cured completely and only then he can complete that tooth work .. i went after 3 months and even then that gum was not cured and it still look very reddish and when ever he touched it , it bleeds...

But somehow he was able to finish my tooth ...

Then i felt comfortable to smile or laugh...

and now , when i look at the mirror and smile wide... my front tooth which was filled up look smaller and the other one look bigger and with perfect edges..

I couldn't study properly , when ever im sitting simply or while studying my tounge always rubs my front tooth and then i could feel headache on back of my head always when i rub my teeth with my tounge..

I feel very depressed thinking about that and ... still i hold my smile in front of people... juniors says that im a serious person ...

I always tries to control my feeling and stop thinking about my teeth... but again after some days the same i feel..

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  • We all have to live with ourselves which is sometimes uncomfortable and the more time you spend thinking of negative things the worse you will feel.

    All you can do is see more dentists for advice as to the options available to you.

    Perhaps a dental implant is possible, but these are expensive and the surgery may go wrong with you then being left with a false tooth..

  • I am not saying your teeth are perfect but no one is really noticing them like you, and I think you are projecting all your problem onto them. Do you think you are suffering from anxiety?

  • Hi Krishna, false teeth have moved on a lot since the early days!!! They really have. I had beautiful teeth and everyone commented on them. I lost my 2 front teeth through illness, and have many loose ones now. I was devastated, because your teeth really affect your confidence I know that.i just have visions of having these big horses teeth flapping about in my mouth and whistling through them 😁😁 anyway I had them done on NHS and they are superb!! No one can tell, they look natural. But like you I stopped smiling when they were loose and they looked horrible!! But I'm so glad I had them done. So if you can't have implants(I couldn't) then don't be afraid of dentures👍😀 if you have to resort to them.

  • Real sympathy for you, I can definitely identify with this one. Losing a number of front teeth at the age of 25 and looking like a character out of the Goonies. Self image these days feels very important and will affect almost everyone. Without knowing your symptoms of your illness or pain you suffer and financial circumstances it is hard to perhaps offer too much advice. I take it you have spoken to various dental professionals?. It isn't always about the cost as I did manage to get treatment and new teeth on the NHS. However saying all of this... if circumstances are not in your favour try a little acceptance and concentrate on what is good about you!!. Not easy and good luck.

  • Hi ,research insta smile clip on full smile veneers.Start at £2oo.00 perhaps your family might buy them for a present at xmas or perhaps for good exam results.I hope you get sorted.I understand totally about wanting your teeth to look well .Best of luck

  • I have insurance in the US but it only goes so far here. It looks perfect in front but I could never have a relationship again because it's bad in the back where no one can see but I could never get close to anyone. I would never tell anyone except here since you brought it up. But you sound young. It sucks. I feel you. if it makes you feel better, we all know dentistry is expensive and your friends are already used to you. sounds like you're getting it worked on, you'll be good. Be patient