Hi All,

Being new on here, I just want to say how strong people are through their suffering of depression. Your experiences are very interesting although saddening to read. There is help and it comes from within, never give up and challenge every negative that has been experiences or learnt. Medication does help and sometimes the trick is to get the right diagnosis, the correct dosage and a little time.

Any way I wish you all well and hope this is a good opening statement.

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  • Nice to meet you equilibrium123 and welcome to the site. After a lifetime of depression I have loads of experience but not very interesting I'm afraid.

    Feel free to join in as we are a friendly bunch and don't stand on ceremony here. x

  • Welcome 123, People will be good to you here. Pam

  • I like your name, equilibrium 123. Welcome. I think all of us here struggle to cope with our depression and mental health. I try being positive, but sometimes, honestly, it doesn't work out so well. Anyway, feel free to share and you will get lots of support. Nesie 237

  • Hi,

    It's a very lovely opening statement. Welcome to the community.


  • I am also new. My situation is different. I will be 64 in 2 weeks, and have lived with my depression since I was about 3 years old. I have been on most medications, and have been hospitalized many times. The hospitalizations have been because I mentioned I was suicidal. That's the magic words that get you locked up. Nothing is really helpful with that. In my life I am anxious and agoraphobic. People do not usually like me. Being in the hospital is the same. Most people do not like me. I don't get much out of being there, and I'm still as suicidal when I get out as I was when I went in. Besides I have family history of depression and suicide.

    I firmly believe that I will never see 65. I have no friends and no relatives near me. I have no transportation. I get ideas, but can never follow through with them. I really really want to die. I have a good way picked out. Since I live by myself, and rarely see or talk to anyone, I need to pick a time when I will be found fairly quickly. When I pick that time - I'm out of here for good.

  • I'm a little lost for words over your story and struggles. I wonder somehow if your thoughts are self inflicted because of situations and experiences?. Example by you saying no one likes you...why do people not like you, what does that mean to you, why do you think it is everyone ?. I thought the same thing until I break down and challenge my beliefs. It isn't easy I know and I have triggers that make me question my likability, again and again. I wish you well and hope to talk to you again

  • Equilibrium 123 - thanks for answering me. It is amazing how nice it feels to connect with someone. As far as not being liked, I don't understand it either. I'm a really nice person with a lot of good things to share with others. It's weird I know but I'm very very tired. Anyone who has suffered severe depression knows what I mean.

  • It's good to see that you know that you are a good person!!. We tend to label ourselves as unlikeable or un loveable and it is just that....a label. The problem is that we care and judge ourselves through what we have or don't have or by how many friends we have etc. If people don't like us it is because they are jealous or because they don't like something we have said or done which doesn't fit into their expectations. You can learn to stop acknowledging these situations and you will be surprised that not all people do not like you. When we think like this we stop reaching out to others and restrict our environment and sociability.

  • Hi Fi3h, you answered your own question, people do not give you the opportunity to get to know you and it is then your assumption that no one like you and this becomes a pattern. My experience is that I too have spent my life time thinking people don't like me, then I have been able to break that thought down as to why I think that....because i had more morals or because I didn't treat people the same or my looks and what possessions. I then learnt to understand it is always been my belief that I don't like myself, why would anyone else like me . Therefore all my decisions in life have been directed by that belief. Then all of the decisions make me feel guilty only adding to depression. Hope that all makes sense and I haven't waffled on a bit.

  • Challenge all you unlikeable/ lovable perceptions of your self. Identify all your good qualities and traits that people and you like. You will find that people might find you more approachable as when we feel unliked we act distant or anxious around social ability. :)

  • Sounds like you really need help to develop and make goals even if they come in small steps. To help and give you full support needs all your circumstantial and background information.

    Have you had any counselling?I found CBT to be the best option for me.

  • Please don't apologise as if I didn't have time I would not respond. That's a real shame you had an awful experience in counselling and unfair CBT not in offer F.O.C. I suppose treatments also cost £60 a session too?.

  • Situation dependent you probably need Btwn 6 or twelve. I have just trained over two years so I can give back to people in need. It's not all about money when you know how hard it is to seek help. Good luck with your diagnosis and remember try cut out all your negative talk if you can.

  • I took your advice about the post. Thanks. I had no idea how this whole thing worked.

  • Hi there, i hope you continue with your recovery and you've done incredibly well to come so far. Can I ask what a sole therapist is?

  • Hi Angep, this just means a private counsellor. Sole as in sole trader....sorry to confuse. Thankyou for your words I know recovery is continuous and there will always be something I will have to deal with but I'm not giving up.

  • I dip in and out here (not least of all due to unreliable Internet access), but a warm welcome from me nonetheless!

    A good opening post indeed, though from experience I remain sceptical about medication... :)

  • Hello there ... WELCOME! 😊

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