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I am currently on 10 mg Prozac once a day (since Sept 15)... Mainly for depression...I think that part of it is better, but I don't think its helping my anxiety.. any of you experience this. If any of you are on Prozac could you maybe share a bit of how it was for you in the beginning and how long it took to be effective. THANK YOU!

++++++++++++++OK #2: This morning my regular sign in names/words refused to work, so I "Signed up" again and now instead of being BettyA I am Betty30... +++++++++++++++


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  • I haven't been on Prozac (lots of others tho) and I'm not sure what's going on with your username but I saw your post and I just wanted to let you know we're here for you! If you like, you can also join the anxiety forum to share any symptoms you may have there. I'm on both. Take care!

  • Hi Betty 30, welcome. I took Prozac years ago, back when it was the only SSRI. I was aware of feeling very tired, though I kept up my exercise routine. It took couple of months, I think. If you have an anxiety component also, you might not be unipolar (only depresssed). Best to discuss that possibility with your doctor. I thought for many, many years it was solely depression. Finally I was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. What a shocker. That's not necessarily your problem, but way back then, I did have elements of both. Good luck, take care, Nesie 237

  • Hi im on Prozac 20mg which is only just maybe beginning to lift some of my depression also on 15mg mirtazapine for anxiety which isnt really helping Prozac can take a long time to begin to work from what ive read sometimes 3 months. Im getting reviewed by my psych next week when they will probably increase my meds I also take diazepam and propanolol daily. If you need to chat let me know hugs x

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