I have fallen into the rut I was trying so hard to stay out of, I have been in the house all week, apart from school run in the morning, I seem to have only 2 friends left, and one of them is moving away before Christmas, I have not even got dressed past 2 days, and not had a shower all week, I feel so alone and don't see any point in looking after myself, my anxieties are getting worse, I have an appointment in December for an assessment, but not sure I can wait that long. I don't know what I can do to get myself out of this rut, any help would be gratefully recieved.


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  • You have the school run to keep you going and that is wonderful. I have been estranged from my children and so missed the school run like u would not believe for many years. You will get stronger I feel. I am going through recovery which is horrendous just now .. But you know what I am.gonna kick ass when I get back up .. Give yourself some time to recover and in the meantime check out the Webby called Anxiety no more

  • Thank you Satsuma, the school run is not with my children I am a childminder, so once I do the run that's me left with nothing for the rest of the day, as I have no children during the day, and my own kids are adults now. I wish I did as then I would have to go out.

  • Ahhh I see .. So do u have a dog ? as they get u out in hail, rain and shine

  • I do have a dog but panic when out alone, as I let my anxieties take over, she does come and sit beside me all the time though.

  • Dogs really are our best friends

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