Situational Depression

Situational Depression

Locked Up In Ward 27, Getting Held Down For Injections of olanzapine, too sleepy to do Any Good, every Day, physically work-wise, plus Fasting For An Anonamous Person. No energy, Not Out And About. My Friends Hadn't helped Me, I had lacked Discernment And Been Fasting For Some Time. All I Had Seen Was The Mental Health Hospital. The nurse Had Put Water Into My Veins, but they had taken The Tube out and I still Had No Discernment. I could reach no one in the outside world, no laptop, no shopping, no Going And Seeing My friends. I didn't want to go home though, at the time, that seemed worse. I just didn't want the medication. I couldn't pray as detailed-ly, because I was sedated, humiliated. But This One Bible Verse (Part Of It) Came To Mind, "Hope In God, For I Will Yet Praise Him..." Somewhere In Psalm 42 And Also 43... So I Waited. I Got Back Home, On A Less intensive medical injection Plan, Still Waiting Patiently To Be Off the meds, It's been just over 5 months since the olanzapine has started. I Think It's Worth Living, Planning My Walkathon In 2020, And Waiting This one Out.

Love You All.

-Jessica D. J.

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  • Hang on I there Jessica.

  • Thanks.

  • Wow, you ate doing really well.

  • Thanks.

  • Maybe you could not manage to even pray detailedly. But God knows your pains, saw you out of the hospital and is giving you daily strength because you put your trust in Him and HE IS EVER FAITHFUL. I am finding it difficult to get off and without Clonazepam which the Psychiatrist put me on. I read the side effects and am saddened that I have to take it. But "because of God's compassions we are not consumed. His mercies never fail and are new every morning"- Book of lamentations. May God keep us long for Him and our loved ones amen. May He keep you strong.

  • Amen. :-) I'm trying To Get Carefully Off My meds, Eventually... I wanna Be Travelling Soon, In Like 3 1/2 -ish Years... Thanks For Encouragement...

  • 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest'

    Had a starring role in my own movie many years ago

    Escaped twice whilst under section and had police after me

    I've been ok/off all meds for over 35 years now

    You can do it

    Ps meds are very helpful for many

    and were valuable when I needed them

    I had psychotic breakdown after coming off ten years of Valium immediately

    instead of gradually

    Didn't know side effect was hallucinations etc

    Thought my daughter had been taken by Venusians and replaced with one of their own.

    Fun times

    What saved me was becoming a Christian, converting from another faith

    Daily prayer and meditation too

  • Thanks. I've Been A Christian Since7 Years Old, but I had backslidden for a while and not known it, got My Eyes off Jesus and started looking at other things, that was my mental downfall... I've Been Praying, Fasting And Meditating A Little, Jesus Set Me Free from all My sins, By Forgiving Me All I ever did (wrong), -- past, present, future. And He Helped Me Know, That He Died For The sin Of The world. And What All That Means, He's Still Helping Me Understand. And Remember, I Had To Type That Up, And Print It. All I Got To Do Is Read The Page, Believe, Forgive, And Obey... And I've Been Learning That The Battle Is The Lord's. Thank You So Much For Helpful Reply ... I've dabbled in other religions, sadly, which messed My mind up, But Rediscovering The Gospel And Talking To God Is Saving My Life, Again.

  • You must read 'Power in Praise' by Merlin Carrothers

    When put into practise has had fant

  • My cat sat on keyboard so sent too early.

    The book is great

    Written in the 70's but will always be relevant

    Explains how Praising God for everything including the bad stuff

    Is transformational

    I've found it so and my daughter too

  • Wow! God Has Been Revealing To Me About Praising Him. You'll Like This One. "Praise God, Who Inhabits The Praises Of His People.

  • Psalm 22:3, Romans 11, Galatians 6:16.

  • Funnily enough I read that for first time a few days ago and your message comes to reinforce the truth within.

    Thanks for this

    Often we need these reminders to refocus

    D'you watch Christian TV?

    I'm in Uk so may be different to you

    Always inspirational even if the preachers aren't always what they might be as people

    Their preaching is good stuff

    Walking the walk is harder than talking it

  • I have not many options for Christian tv, as they aren't always even Talking The Talk, nevermind how they don't walk... :( I Listen To Audio Bible, Straight up, I Listen To The King James Version; I Also Downloaded Some Hillsong Music, (A Christian Band, Contemporary), Doing My Best To, With God's Help, Walk The Walk. I try not to watch any actual television, It Seems To Be Something I Have To Do, During This Fast I'm On (Partial Fast)... I seem not to be allowed to cut My Hairs either... About Two Years Past, About One Year to Go...

  • Who is advising you re. fasting etc?

    An internal advisor?

    External ie book,online advise?

    We have to be so careful if subject to mind issues

    That the advice we follow is from a genuine source

    Otherwise can be a false prophet/advisor and potentially

    Very harmful/ dangerous

    Our minds can play clever tricks

    And we can believe the false all too easily

  • Ps I write from personal experience

    At one point I believed I could only drink milk

    And had other restrictions too.

    This advise did not come from the right source

    And I became ill

  • PLEASE read all of this article

    When you write 'I seem not to be allowed'

    This,to me, who has been there/got teeshirt,

    Does not intuitively feel from God/right source

    But from a false internalised advisor

    Following it's advice could be harmful for you

    I would suggest talking to a qualified nutritionist

    For dietary advice for your mind/body wellbeing

  • We Do Need Reminders, Sometimes, Don't We? :)

  • I've Been Doing All These Fast Guidelines Since 2015 At Least. Any time I get tummy upsets, I Pray To The Lord, And He Heals Me. And For all the things I can't have/ do, I believe The Lord Provides Suffficient And Fun Alternatives. I Was Allowed Vegan Marshmellows After A Year Of Being Not Allowed. They Costed $15. So For Everything God Says To Me, There's A Good Reason, Knowing His Voice Is hard sometimes, So I Just Pray all false voices and falsehood Away From Me. For The For The Whole Day's Date, In Jesus's Name. Amen.

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