When will I feel normal again

Hi I am new to things like this and don't really know how it works!

I've recently been diagnosed with depression and bad anxiety, not really sure how to deal with it! I guess when I think about it I've likely had it about 10 years and I am only 22!

I'm due to start medication this week and really scared but I really want to get my get up on go back!

I guess I just want to know how people have cope with the medication at the beginning and does it help?


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  • Hi, what medication have you been given ? You might not have any side effects and if so that's great. And yes for some people they do work, you might only need them to get you through a bad period in your life. I hope this helps a little bit.

  • I'm not 100% sure, I have doctors tomorrow and he will decide what is best for me! The nurse I have been seeing suggested something that will help me sleep at night as well, I see all hours of the night 😶 I suppose it's like any medication really different people react differently!

  • Wait and see how you get on at Drs tomorrow, then take it from their. It might be good if it's going to help you sleep, like yourself I see every hour but remember someone is on this forum 24/7 so never feel alone come on here and someone will be around. I'm not good with medication so always kick start my tablets at night so if I'm going to have side effects I'm hopefully sleeping through it, ask your Dr about that incase you are to take them during the day. And yes everyone is different with meds.

  • I know what you're going through. I have been dealing with the same thing and trust me its hard. I struggle everyday to fight my anxiety and it takes away all my energy. I have been trying to not use meds because dealing with it naturally is the best way.

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