Went to the dr on Thursday

Hi, just want to say thankyou to those who wrote me a message before, i really do appreciate it and try to take on the advice. I had a bad week of feeling like giving up, and feeling like nothing was ever going to help with any of my problems and feelings, when I had a dr appointment on Thursday I said it all...and she saw that it is a whole month and a half untill I see tge psychiatrist again, so she took on board what I told her and has increased my mirtazapine, so hopefully in a few weeks this should help me get some sleep and in turn feel a bit better. Also I now get to have a meeting with someone at the community mental heath place one a week instead of once a fortnight so I am starting to feel like they are listening and wanting to help me. Hopefully soon the anxiety management group will start

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  • I'm so pleased you went and feel like your getting somewere now.not getting enough sleep makes you feel worn out with it all.oneards and upwards as they say.😀🙏🏻

  • Glad to hear this.



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