tired all the time

hi this is my first time writing on here so thanks for listening. i have been off work now for two weeks and have no energy whatsoever. i do a physical job (gardening) and this is the first time off sick in 9 years (even though ive suffered with fatigue before). ive had problems in the last few years and had blood tests which said i had low iron and vitamin d levels. i am on citalopram since last november for anxiety but coming off it as i also have arrythmia. im going back to doctors on monday as i have all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and i am sleeping 12 hours a day.Does anyone else on here have similar sympoms?



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  • Hello Adew, I do have some of the same problems and take some of the same meds. They can all make you tired. You need to write down a list of symptoms and meds, and go over it with your Doc. Let him know exactly how you feel and make sure he answers all your questions. I know how they rush you and you forget things you wanted to go over. Let us know hoe it works out. Pam

  • will do and thanks pam

  • Hi adew1969

    You're very welcome to our friendly and supportive forum, here on Action on Depression.


  • I have fibro , chronic fatigue really bad, I've tried phentermine which made me really sick but if u can cut it down it gives u alot of energy. I'm on vitamin b which helps. I'm tired of being tired.

  • could also be vit b12/b9 deficiency.

    B12 deficiency symptoms can be found here


  • thanks gambit62. those symptons are a 90% me and it is the first time i have heard of this. i have previously had problems in the past with b12 deficiency and vitamin d but have been taking supplements for two months as ive felt the tiredness coming on.

    thanks for your comments and will keep you posted

  • if you have been supplementing (depending on the dosage) then the normal test - serum B12 is lilely to be an even less accurate guide to whether you have a deficiency than normal.

    Getting a B12 deficiency diagnosed can be very difficult. I'd recommend that you join the PAS forum on HealthUnlocked for support


  • joined and thanks so much again

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