What should i do?

What should i do if i feel that someone needs help because she is feeling down but im dont think that i am mentally strong enough to listen to all her troubles should i still listen to her or should i not push myself to do it. I hope im not coming across as selfish but i feel like i might break if i listen to her because i am already breaking down and im the type that really empathizes with the person i would take in all her emotions and start feeling them like my own and i dont know if i can take it but at the same time i dont like leaving a person who i know needs help even though admittedly i do not plan to get close to that person because i feel we dont click as friends.


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  • I feel you have answered your own question - you don't really click as friends and you feel like you might break if you take on any more. Look after yourself.

  • If you know of any family she may have do you have a contact number? Is she on face book? Could you private message someone related to her on there? We all know our limitations with other people's problems so you shouldn't push yourself over the edge doing it. You have to think of your own health and you obviously care otherwise you wouldn't be asking for advice on here 🙏🏻👍

  • Indeed they do but not everyone feels strong enough to help others. Sometimes your own problems feel so overwhelming that there's nothing left to give to anyone else. It's not a case that they don't care it's just simply they can't. Hopefully things will improve for both of them🙏🏻

  • You don't have to be sorry for being honest, I think it's refreshing 👍 My partner cringes at me at times!! He says go on Ange shoot from the hip🙈🙈 then hides!! But I'm a bit long in the tooth now and I feel I've lived at least 200 years😁😁 I wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone's feelings but Sometimes I guess we all are guilty of that especially when feeling emotional. What's important is we all try to help each other that's why we're here x