Hi I'm new here hoping to make friends with similar issues xx

Hi. I'm quite isolated by my low mood at the moment. I was managing ok until a recent trauma set me back and I just don't seem able to get past it. Feeling tearful and anxious. I get up with the intention of getting out but then the day goes by and I've just stayed in. I'm a wheelchair user and I live alone so it's not that easy to self-motivate.

Anybody else feeling the same way?

I beg you please don't say "think positively"! I've been doing that since my diagnosis and have pushed hard to try to keep going and get out and make friends. I'm just in a bad space at the moment and would appreciate empathy more than advice unless you really do know these feelings. My illness isn't really my worst problem. Missing my family is. I have two daughters and three grandchildren, all living abroad. Nightmare!



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  • There is a way to get past this. Youve just got to find it. You should read my last post and then we can talk.

  • Hi Sandra, I'm fit and healthy, gym and run regular, but when my mood goes downhill, I may as well ne in a wheelchair, I do sympathise with u friend, ur mood can alter ur whole day, week, month so it's understandable if u r feeling low that life is w bit pants, I haven't suffered withe depression for about 6 weeks and it feels great, but it will come bak, it always does, but I'm feeling prepared for it now, hope u can find peace my friend, god bless.... Paul

  • Thanks x

  • Hi Sandra is there anyway that you could start planning a holiday to visit your children, it would give you something concrete to look forward to.

    I feel what your describing is a typical depression lack of motivation phase, the best thing to get your motivation back is action. Doing even one small thing will get you started. Something small, phone someone. Write a letter or email. Color in with coloured pencils, or make yourself something nice to eat. Oh sorry I remembered you do t want advice just empathy. I empathise as I get like this sometime, and doing even 1 thing helps me. Good luck Sandra.


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