New here.. Am a bit lost.. just introducing myself

Just wanted to say hello. I kept reading posts and wanted to reply to so many people as I can relate to a lot of you!! So thought I would just intro myself instead. I have been told I am bipolar by a psychologist but I refused meds as I am already on antidepressants and diazepam for anxiety. Sooo I have been feeling lost for a while now. I mean absolutely broken. I'm either sobbing hopelessly or feel totally disassociated? Does that make sense? Like a lot of you I have a lot of things going on a lot of which aren't helping. I'm scared that I'm losing my strength. I can only fight for so long....


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  • Hi there "me" ...

    Have you visited with a therapist or counselor?? I keep telling so many people that! :) It's just that its helps ME and I so wish it would help others, too. I think its a good move on your part, not taking any meds in ADDITION to what you are already taking... Has your Dr said anything to reassure you about taking any additional meds?? Please, think about seeing a therapist... I really have a feeling you would feel a lot better being able to 'open up' to someone and know they are there to help...not judge or criticize or make dumb remarks like sometimes the best intentioned people can make to us!! :) Take good care. Keep in touch.

  • Hi BettyA yes over the years I've tried therapy and counselling a number of times . I'm one of those people that run by the third session...! I always came out of there quite distressed. I would go home and crawl into bed in tears. I know so Ineed to face my demons but to be honest it scares me. Funny enough thought I just got put on a waiting list for C.B.T so maybe that will help.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. All the best x Hope you have a great day xxxxx M

  • Hi there Me-plus-one

    Welcome to Action on Depression, it's great to have you here on our friendly forum.

    I'm sure our members will reply soon so keep checking back.

    Take care


  • Hi,

    Welcome to the community. I can't imagine what that diagnosis felt like. Would bipolar medication affect the other medication you are taking?

    My Mum is a psychiatric nurse and she has said that her major battle with people who have bipolar is to make them see the benefit of the medication and to stay on it. She said that when they are manic, they have described it as the best possible experience of your life. They question why they would take something that would limit or reduce that feeling. On the other hand, when they are depressed, they don't see the point in taking anything because they feel that it's not worth it. I'm not saying this is you, or anybody else's experience. Merely my Mum's observations over 30 years of nursing.

    It's good that you've realised you have triggers or stressors. Is there any way you can reduce these or share them with others?


  • Hi Lori, I don't think they would interact but I just feel like my diet is a chemical one at the moment!! I don't want to add anything else to it!! I want to get off all the meds I'm on. Ive tried to tell myself that some people need insulin so I may need lithium!! But I dont want to accept another label... Its my way of saying I may be bipolar but I don't know if medication is the answer anyway....... I know a lot of people get relief but in my experience medication causes more problems than it solves..

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Its appreciated xxxxx

    Hope you have a great day xxxxx

  • LoriMS61 (just highlighting your name do you see that I replied!) Thanks for taking the time to reply to me x Hope you have a great weekend x M

  • I have to agree that meds cause more problems Me-plus-one I speak from experience of course

  • hi, ive just joined this site, and thought I say hello, anytime you wanna chat im here

  • Hello again! And thank you for the offer x I'm not feeling very good today. I had something to do but yet again I've let someone else down . I don't even want to get out of bed. My head is melted!!!! I'm trying to stop taking pills but I'm all over the place at the moment . I just can't do this anymore....

  • Hi, thanks for getting touch, I'm at work but am struggling. My depression came on last week so have been to the doctors and back on anti-depressants, they have helped in the past.

    Sorry to hear your not having a great day. I had the same problem yesterday and didn't get out of bed until 1pm. Im no expert but while your feeling like this might be best to stay on the pills until you get better. Try and remember this is a storm that will pass over, it will change, it will get better. And you can 'chat' to me anytime, at the moment im finding the nights very difficult so I find it helpful making contact with people during that time.

    Lee xx

  • Thanks for the kind words x Shall try to catch you on line tonight x Hope your shift ends soon!! Love M

  • luckily its not busy at work and finish at 5pm, that would be nice to catch up later, it always helps having a chat to someone. Hope your feeling slightly better as the day goes on

  • Almost 5!!

  • Thank you . I just need to stop giving myself a hard time and I may have a chance! I can be my own worst enemy at times x talk to you soon x x x x

  • 5pm!! off home, catch you later x

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