I literally feel so hopeless. I can't seem to do anything right, like even something as simple as finishing my homework. Everyone else is capable of doing it in my class, why can't I? I'm so unbelievably useless, I can't help wondering why I'm still around. I've been trying hard all this week but it all seems pointless. Why can't I be good at something like everyone else? I feel so alone. I keep messaging people with so I can at least divert my thoughts to something else, yet none of them seem to reply. It's like I'm never needed and no one wants me around. I wish I wasn't so pathetic and rubbish at everything. I hate myself so much. I'm really sorry if I sound silly.


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  • Hi Nessa, can I ask what age you are? Thanks.


  • Hi Hannah, I'm 17 at the moment.

  • Hi do you think you might be suffering from depression? The criteria is if you have been sad and unhappy for at least 3 weeks then this could be the case. You can take online depression tests so google them to give you a guide.

    If you need someone to talk to there must be a school counsellor. Or you can visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. At 17 you are considered an adult and anything you do say to a professional is confidential. x

  • Hi coughalot2, thank you for replying. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression a while back, am currently having CBT. Sorry for not explaining, but thank you for your help! I just feel so pathetic and pointless. Thank you again x

  • Give it time to work nessa. You are not going to feel better overnight you know. Don't forget it took a long time to start feeling like you do and it will take a while before the treatment helps you. Have hope. x

  • I'm sorry for being so impatient, though I'm scared it'll be ineffective. Thank you for understanding, I will try. xx

  • CBT is very, very helpful, nessa12 . Just keep practising it x

  • I will bear with it, thank you! x

  • hi Nessa i hear what you are saying and relate for at times i have felt this, remind yourself you are unique and are here for a reason. give yourself time and be patient its easier said than done but at times we have to surrender and not tighten ourselves up when going through negative thoughts and feelings. you are less than no one. if you are open to it try meditation i feel it is definitely a plus and going to a class recharges me. once you get in a routine you could do a few minutes every morning. crreate positive thoughts or just sit quietly and ignore any thoughts that come to mind dont react to them whether they are negative or not try and remain present. place something in front of you to redirect attention if your mind drifts. give it a go and you may see some benefit.

    take care.

  • Hi there, thank you for understanding. I really appreciate your advice! I will definitely try meditating and blocking all these thoughts out of my head. I'm sorry for the post, I just feel really low sometimes. Thank you again for your help x

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