Past thoughts making me feel depressed and really low self esteem

Back in 6th and 7th grade the boys used to say I look like a man. I believe this is because I was athletic and had more muscle than many of the guys. I had a toned physique at s young age. It bothered me a lot then and went away. It comes and goes nowadays too. I will start feeling down and then think about what they said. Some people do think that girls with muscle are manly or look like a guy. However, I do not have my veins popping out muscular. I just have solid legs and broad shoulders. I have a bigger top and smaller bottom. I get compliments that im really pretty, but when I get down on myself ill look in the mirror and think I look like a man.. I know it sounfs ridiculous but I need advice on this.


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  • Some how you need to get your thinking focussed on something outside yourself as you seem to keep thinking yourself into all manner of bad places. You have health anxiety which is having a major effect on your life.

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    Don't let this ruin your life.

  • Look I'm sure you are gorgeous , don't let what was hurtful in the past hurt the now and the future .When I was in school I was small and have always looked a lot younger than I was . They used to call me midget I just got my big brother to have a talk with them , they soon stopped being horrible . Fast forward 5 years from schiol same boys falling over themselves to take me out , I'm still only 5ft 2 , still look really young so what's changed ? I suspect. You can guess what I said to them . Well it was this , you didn't want me then and your not having me now , so who had the last laugh .

    They were jealous and pathetic because you worked for your muscle and build , this is what I do put anything that's hurtful is feelings , picture the people that hurt you in a box top off with a paving slab then store in loft and forget it and go live your life and have fun . One thing more people that hurt others are usually people who feel awful about themselves and try to pay it forward .xx😇

  • Hey Katie, Think about this, you are letting the opinion of some adolescent kids define who you are. Kids at that age don't have a clue. There are many different types of bodies and who's to say one is better that another . Be proud of yours. Pam

  • Hi I relate to this because people have often told me I look like a man. It does hurt even now but I try to come back with - have you ever been accused of looking like a man etc.

    I think it's just a way some men will find to insult you, I find that even when dressed up with make up on (my hair is quite long) and so on I still get the insults. If you are smaller on top (like I am) they will also comment on that too. Try and stay away from idiots. If they see it upsets you they will do it all the more. x