Today I felt so depressed so furious and stress

It's my 1ste year on College. Every person dream to have the best possible college year ever but it always has it ways.

I've changed so unmannerly so drastically I've become a terrible person. People make me angry and tease me about stupid things and I feel to explode like a warm vulcan out of furious.. I don't like it. At the end I feel hopeless and so emotional it affects me so deeply I feel like leaving the college but I don't want to leave just because some students are rude. I know I can become someone. Life throws hard knocks at you,,, but you got to strive towards your goals.


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3 Replies

  • Ok so you recognise you have become a terrible person .. How about you reversing your behaviour ? When they say something laugh at them and turn it all into a joke. Don't forget they like the reaction they get from you so they will do it all the more.

  • Hi can I ask what age you are?


  • Hi do you think you may be suffering from depression? If so you need to speak to a professional. You must have a counsellor at school if not speak to your doctor.

    It's hard to advise you without knowing more about you ie your age. x

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