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hi...just joined.......a bit nervous..........ive had depression since i was about 17.......never really did much about it til a couple of yrs ago and visited a doctor......who told me i wasnt bad enough and sent me off with a list of websites to look at and to basically "help myself!" well nearly 2 yrs on im not any fact im a bit worse....i've made another appointment with a different doctor which is this friday.....can anyone give me any advice on how to approach him as im so scared of basically being turned away again......i really do need help :(


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  • Yes they do say help yourself especially these days with the NHS cuts. All i can suggest is write down what you would like to tell/ask him/her when you go so then you won't forget when you get in there. Write down exactly how you feel. Don't hide anything. You will undoubtedly be given a script for anti depressants .. Good luck and let us know please

  • Hi I know they don't like giving young people anti-depressants but obviously the self help approach isn't working. I am glad you are going back to your doctors and Satsuma is right. Let us know how you get on. x

  • Write down exactly how you feel before going to see your GP and if you cant talk give them the letter . They don't expect a performance from you, the GP has heard and dealt with this situation hundreds of times. Be kind to yourself your a human being going through a rough patch at the moment. There is always a light and you will come through this x

  • hi all.............well seen my dr......this one actually listened to me!!!! he has put me on citalopram (anyone else on this?? knowledge if any good would be helpful) and also gave me a form to fill in and post off for counselling.....ive to go back in 4 weeks

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