Feeling like I have no friends

Hey everyone. This isn't the most positive post I'm going to write. I feel like something is wrong with me. I don't know if I give off certain vibes or what is going on. I used to have a lot of friends growing up. Within the past couple of years it feels like I have nearly no friends. My boyfriend has become my best friend. I used to hangout with this one girl who I thought was a good friend until I learned her pattern of how she said bad things about everyone she hung out with. Also, she cheated on her boyfriend. I do not like to associate myself with these kind of people. I have come across some people who assume I have so many friends because i'm super outgoing and pretty. I don't know if some girls become jealous or what it is.. any advice?


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8 Replies

  • Not really aniexty /depression love

  • It is because of the fact its making me feel like something is wrong with me

  • Hi katie please remember you not the one with the problem ! please if people cant accept you then its either ignorance. Or just the they have no knowledge of your personal health ! Dont bother with those you cant trust ! Can i say something without offending you please dont bother with others and make snappy decisions ! You sound a nice person but please dont worry about others concentrate on you and find things like taking up running that way you get to meet new people. I truely hope you can move on and meet more trustworthy people david !

  • Maybe you have or they out growing each other. Could be some got married some may of had children they have gone another way n life. Time to make new friends. Your old ones are still there just doing other things. When you get a boyfriend your single people off and hang with singles. You have changed so have they. Your just not as close but some day you might again.

  • Hi I noticed you put a post in here 12 days ago. Did you read the replies because you didn't reply to any of them? You were given some good advice - have you followed any of it? I also notice you have been in the anxiety site, do you have depression as well?

    Can we help you at all? x

  • I say keep being you and doing what you're doing. There are three kinds of people: One's that don't know how to be good friends period, one's that know how to be good friends but are too warped into their own lives that they can't dedicate themselves as a fulltime friend but one day could, and ones that know how to be friends and can dedicate themselves as a full time friend or best friend in most cases. Therefore, I say trust your thoughts and intuition, understand that some people are currently at a stage in life where they are the type of person they are and trying to be their friend but did not succeed was just bad timing and does not mean there is something wrong you, and know that a small amount of friends is actually better than a alot because you never seen anyone with a ton of friends that all of then could actually and truly be classified as a good friend. Some people are frienemies ( enemies that appear to be your friend but actually are not). Hope this helps.

  • Girls can be a catty tribe in school, work, college, whatever. If you have any stand out qualities, be sure that will make you a target for envy and gossip. It can be hard to find true friends at the best of times- most people make do with acquaintances and situational friends. Just keep doing you, and the people who gravitate towards you naturally are your true friends.

    You may only meet a handful of people throughout your life that are really your friends. The rest will come and go, enjoy what they bring to your life and disregard the malice or unkindness they may display.

    Hope this helps! Love and light :)

  • Hi Katie, I think it is a pattern with a lot of young people with depression, friends seem to drift away as we grow up anyway but for us the pain of loneliness and losing people it can be overwhelming. Girls can be rubbish friends sometimes but all you need is a couple of genuine friends who are there for you when you really need them and vice versa. Always go for quality not quantity! Maybe find a hobby, group or a class where you can meet new people and make new friends, also every depressed person needs a therapist or someone professional they can talk to as offloading everything onto friends can sometimes get too much. Good luck, and always know there's someone there for you :) xx

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