Living with the stigma

Having lived with the stigma of bouts of depression for 40 years, I have now reached the age where I am not going to be ashamed anymore when I collect my monthly prescriptions. You name it, I've done it - self medicated with alcohol until that dragged me to rock bottom, had 3 episodes when I overdosed. All the time these events made me more ashamed and isolated me from everyone around me - friends, my family. making me more depressed and more lonely. It is sad that I have reached the age of 55 not knowing what happiness is. I am determined to try to make the most of the years ahead. This is the very first time I have put this down in words. I hope I haven't upset anyone

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  • You have nothing to be ashamed of, people who create the stigma do! Well done for taking the first step and putting it in writing that's always the hardest part. Onwards and upwards 🙂

  • Remember depression and anxiety are illnesses you wouldn't feel guilty if you broke your leg.

  • Good for you Susie. I wish I was as strong as you. An ex-friend the other week slagged me off to another friend advising her to stay clear of me because I have 'mental health problems'! My second friend thought this was awful and took absolutely no notice, especially as she has suffered from depression in the past. x

  • You are strong because it is an illness, I would not wish depression on my worst enemy. Maybe your ex friend will experience it later in her life and then understand

  • 1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental health issues in their life. I think people still imagine straight jackets and padded cells.

  • Sounds encouraging. I hope you are successful

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