Can you imagine being Monday? Talk about depression. No one likes you, most people would like to do away with you. Tuesday never has these problems, and none of the other days will change places with you.Well Monday you came to the right place, We will offer you all the care and support we can muster. Now I'm not a Doctor, but I would suggest you get an attitude adjustment. Become MONDAY! Ta Da . It's a new day, a new opportunity, a chance to get it right. Come on people, let's support our MONDAYS!


ps Fake it through, until you make it through.

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  • It's a bank holiday over in the UK today. So it's one of the acceptable Mondays.


  • As LoriMS61 said its bank holiday Monday here. Lots of people love it and they go off out places for the day and spend hours on the motorway because everyone is going out. Then they queue for hours when they get where they are going because its full to the brim with people. Then they get miserable because its so busy and wish they stayed home...The journey home usually ends up with the kids crying and the adults sulking . Plus the whole thing has cost a small fortune

    Yeah Monday is a strange day but here its lovely and quiet, the birds are singing in the garden and the sun is out and im not daft i never go anywhere on a bank holiday Monday

    Your post made me giggle :)

  • I don't enjoy crowds and people get impatient , but I do like to people watch. It can be very entertaining..

  • Oh me too. A nice cup of tea over Barry Island beach people watching can be mind blowing :)

  • "Some days I just stay inside because it is too peopley out there." Saw this and made me laugh.

    I've enjoyed being at home today. I don't begrudge doing chores on a bank holiday because, like you said, I'm not stuck in traffic, or amongst hoards of stressed people.


  • Too peopley :) i love that and will be using it myself.....I learnt when my children where young that the best place to be on a bank holiday was in the garden with the paddling pool or crafting inside the house if it was bad weather . Today its been so sunny and the birds have been singing their hearts out in my garden ...Just lovely :)

  • Good idea. I sort of like that some people are named after the days of the week, like Tuesday, but don't know if I could do it.

    Would that be your lucky day?

    Take care 👍😊

  • When I was a kid I wanted to be called September. I don't remember why.

  • "Just another manic Monday", lol.

  • I like Mondays! It means the weekend is over I have a slightly different outlook then many people, I know. :)