Just had a checkup

So i had to go to my gp today my anxiety had me on the edge and i just felt like i was loosing control. Told him all my symptoms racing heartbeat,nervouseness, skipped flutter heartbeat, body twitching, tension in the shoulders and ears and just negative thinking it all came down to anxiety he prescribed some meds and although i dont like meds i think i will give it a try ive calmed down awhole lot but still feel nervous and my heart is beating just a lil fast still and im very tired and worn out. I just wish we can all get over this anxiety disorder and get on with our lives.


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  • Hi

    Glad that you've got some meds to help you.

    They will take a while to get into your system, so don't expect it to help immediately.

    Once you're on the meds keep an eye on the symptoms and if you feel they're not helping see your GP again. Sometimes you need to adjust the dosage or change the tabs.

    I think if the meds help then you can probably find out what's making you feel like this and maybe try to work things out.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • That was so helpful thank u so much but i have no intention on staying on them he said they are to just calm me down i dont always experience panic only mostly close to my lady time of the month and plus he gave me the heads up that they can become habit forming so i try mostly the natural way

  • That's good, but when they do kick in might be the time to explore what might have triggered it. Sometimes we ignore that and it can sneak up on us again if we haven't dealt with it.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Thank u so much i know lastnite i woke up and started concentrating on my heartbeat it was beating fine but my mind was telling me it was racing and before i knew it it started to race and it was on from then i know this all sounds crazy.

  • No it sounds like panic. Keep on with the meds and seeing the dr.

    Good luck.

  • Thank u i will

  • @cwoodside Am glad you ar seeking help. I am so against meds but when my daughter was diagnosed with Major depression and anxiety I had no choice but to leave it in Drs hands and let medicine take it from here. She is taking 100mg of Buspar and it seems to have been helping her anxiety, still feels uncomfortable being around a lot of people, but I know is work in progress. I thought eating clean whole foods would get her to consume the vitamins and minerals her body needs but You can't do it all on your own, we need to trust and have faith on this meds. Be positive and maintain your strength to get through this. Sending you good vibes 🙂✌🏼️

  • Thank u for the good vibes i am going to try them one is a month supple and the other is only a week so ill try them you are so correct sometimes we cant always do it on our own.

  • gosh I had that when I was on citilapram and it wasnt working so well, I used to breath out slowly through a straw,,, it was horrid,,, and SAD seasonal effective disorder. There are some books you can get self help books , really worth a look, in the book store. But cut out coffee and smoking as that can increase the feelings of anxiousness, and also tea and these speed drinks. But I found I was allergic to processed foods, and my daughter said about how she felt so much better, as I was always sleepy and had trouble concentrating, I came off cows milk and went onto soya which is lovely with coffee decaff, I dont eat processed foods, (wrapped up food) As they put additives in them to make them last longer. Do you know what,,, I then came off anything with flour and wheat and gluten. I used to start yarning after eating something that didnt agree with me. and sleep suddenly.

    My life is so much clearer, and I can do things I couldnt before, I no longer have diarrhea so much and I have energy that I havent had for a long long time. I dont have catarrh, that cows mile gave me, but if i have a cup of coffee with it in, and it comes back!!! it Effected my sleep too, I had a first nights sleep in ages,,, sleep is deeper sometimes wake once.

    Soon as I eat something that doesnt agree with me, I fall asleep,, So not everyone suits all these additives and chemicals in our food. Try it, change cows milk and stuff first, see how you feel in a month ,,, oh by changing that and not eating bread I lost 1stone too.

    And got loads more energy than before!!

  • You are so right its also in what we eat as well i dont even like milk at all but bread and processed food i can look into changing thank u for sharing

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