Really need help battling my depression

I came out of a long term relationship of 6 years with a girl that I loved very much and on reflection was the best thing in my life, not that I realised it at the time, I rebounded in to another relationship which moved very quickly as though I was trying to replace what I had with my ex, I bought a house, moved in together straight away and she fell pregnant early in the relationship, we have since split up and I have never felt as low as I do right now, I have always been Co dependant and never really had time being single, I feel completely numb and alone and don't have any friends that I can turn to, I am going to the Dr's for antidepressant but I am worried about taking these as I don't want to end up addicted to them, I smoked cannabis for years and have a very difficult time now I have stopped and trying to get on with my life. I've spent 2 weeks sat inside my house doing literally nothing staring at my phone, not going to work, not doing anything, I feel suicidal a lot of the time but I don't dare do anything about it, I just want some friends and to stop feeling like this but can't get out of the rut I feel I am in :(

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  • I'm so sorry. I can't imagine what it was like to lose someone like that. As far as anti depressants, they don't take care of the problem but they lessen your mood, rather than your emotions be a roller coaster you would just have less emotions. Now, i imagine you want to be happy more ( I'm depressed too), anti depressants don't make you feel happy, they stabilize your hormones. Depressed becomes sad, overjoyed becomes happy- it doesn't just take away the pain it takes the feel goods too. You could talk to your doctor about alternative treatment but I'm guessing he'll have you try things you can do at home. The best thing you can do is exercise. Go for a long walk in the morning. I find that my animals help me the most. Pehaps consider getting a fluffy friend? It's helped me not feel alone. You get a companion who'll be there for you. As far as the suicidal thoughts, people will always tell you to seek help immediately, i understand that you won't act out. I see a therapist and it's helped me a little. Talking with friends works too. Do things that make you get up. Pick a day to clean the house or car. Go for a walk every other day or to a park. There are things you can do before medication. Anti depressants can make you feel less plai but you could still be in your house and not going to work. You can fight this, I've been fighting it for 4 years and I'm just a kid :) I know you can beat this

  • Hi I feel for you and you have had a hard time over the past few years, so no wonder you are feeling depressed. You don't get 'addicted' to ad's in that sense, well not the newer ones they use now. They are nothing like the valiums and libriums of the past you know.

    They will just help your moods to stablise a bit and should make you feel a bit better so you are able to do more. Counselling is probably the best way forward for you and will help you understand yourself and your issues better. x

  • I'm so sorry. Have you been to co dependency groups similar to aa? You do not appreciate your self worth. I understand. Would you do voluntary work? Sorry tired today.

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