Anyone else feeling stuck in a rut? Did you ever come out of it?

Sometimes I feel like I am just wasting my days. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and depression and I have sought all the necessary help, medication, therapy, self-help books etc.

But despite all that, I really feel like i am idling. I am not working right now, on the recommendation of my doctor. I am alone in this city, I know no one except for my partner. (Probably because I have withdrawn from everyone). I am getting really bored and restless. I want to find my life purpose and do meaningful work.

Literally I spend my days staring at the computer screen looking for answers. Can anyone else identify? Did you ever come out of it on the other side? Am I just being impatient?


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7 Replies

  • I think it's normal to feel like that.

    You could try crafts, listening books, pod casts, going for a walk each day, or even charity work. I think the secret is to try to get out no matter how hard it is. Boredom makes you worse.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Thanks fibropop, you are a trooper! Always helping other people and encouraging them. After I wrote this post I got on the phone to my partner, and he was whinging about his job. So I decided to make him a nice website so he can pursue his passion, which is music, (he's really talented). As I got into the process of designing the website, my boredom subsided, and I realized, if I help other people doing what I enjoy, that might be a key to breaking free of my "stuckness".

    Volunteering would be great too, because I know I get a lot of joy out of helping people. Maybe I will help people who have had a rough go of life like me, like people in community housing or domestic violence shelters.

    Thanks for all your continued support and you are right- I just have to keep getting outside and doing stuff. :) I will start.... tomorrow (lol)

  • With depression and other mental problems there is nothing better for you than a bit of self help. Fibropop has prompted you into the way to go and judging by your new post you seem really well set up and determined to start helping yourself.Good ,I think its the best medicine of all a you luck.


  • Hi

    I'm so pleased that you've taken it so enthusiastically!

    I think that you will make a success of what you do, whatever that maybe. I'm glad you did that for your bf, I'm sure he was delighted and it took your mind off of things too,Mao everyone's happy.

    It's amazing what a short walk can do for you, hope you enjoy yours.

    Please let us know how your getting on, as were here to support each other.

    Good luck and take care!

    Best wishes 😊

  • Hi littletraveller I am a singer/songwriter and I too will be compiling a website .. Good on you for doing one for your bf

  • That's wonderful Satsuma! 🙌 😀

  • Great! Please do keep us posted as to how it's all going.

    Best wishes ☺

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