Needing advice

So the other day i explained what im going through an i spoke with the police to see how things are going with the case.. trying to see if there is enough there to take this to court and

Its not looking to good so i told my partner about it an he is saying if this case gets closed he will leave he cant stay with me. Cuz it will ruin his family. Im really am getting sick of this to the point if he wants to go he can go. Im done all this is doing to me is making me ill.

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  • Hi

    I'm so sorry to read of your probs, I'm not fully in the picture as missed your last posts.

    Anyway good luck and take care.

  • Hi. I spoke to you before, and I'm so glad you reported this, even if the case doesn't happen, you did the responsible thing. Your partner has really made the choice already hasn't he? He doesn't sound like the strong supportive kind of man you need. You seem very capable to me, you'll get through this. Let us know how you are doing. Pam

  • He made that choice since

    It all started im too young to be this stressed im only

    30. An what ive been through the last 8 months so people would go through in year. Lost my brother then my son an now this its just so crazy.

  • Are you under a Doctors care? You should be , you've been through 3 major life events which can be very stressful . Some professional support might help. I am so sorry all of this has happened to you. Take care..Pam

  • It'll "ruin his family!? Oh puh-leeze 😠 What about what happened to YOU? Does that or the years you've spent not mean ANYthing to this man?

    It seems to me that your relationship is not based on VERY solid ground. Therefore bid him cherrio ASAP and start to take of number one: you. Under no circumstances do you contact him once he's left. He chose his family over you. Never forget that.

    Depression is hellish to live with so the very last thing you need is someone who doesn't trust, support and love you enough to stick by you.

    You'll be fine but keeping posting here so you can be supported.

    Best wishes.

  • Thx for ur reply xx

  • You're very welcome. Take care x

  • Of course the "man" who assaulted you is telling lies and blaming you !!! He dosnt want to be charged with a sexual assault !!!!! he isnt going to tell people he did it !!!!!

    Your partner should be ashamed of himself treating you in this way when you need his support and love. You have gone through something traumatic and his reaction must be hurting you so much...If he cant be there for you in a situation like this then you should serious think about your future with him .

    Its down to the crown prosecution service to decide if this man is going to be charged so the police need to get an answer from them...Have you spoken to a solicitor because if i was in your situation i would be getting some advice and most firms can give free advice

  • Hello, I'm sorry to hear that the police are not likely to have charges pressed against this low-life. What is more devastating is the lack of support from your partner. Having been through several traumatic events recently you need the full support of those around you. To be frank you sound as if you would be better of without him. The term partner should mean just that... A member of a partnership and regardless of whether the CPS prosecute or not then you should have and expect the full support of those that claim to love you.

    I hope you can find peace in this extremely hurtful situation.

  • Thx guys for all ur thoughts im a strong girl so im sure ill get through this with or without him.

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