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Since joining about a year ago I have written many replies some of which judging by responses have helped and many of which have involved struggling to find helpful words.

I was shocked by recent media article average time on www is 25 hours per week and I am determined to cut my time down which probably means forum replies as they can take quite a time to try and find the right words.

I am not going away (who said pity ?) but will reply a bit less.

If anyone feels I can help them pm me and I will always reply as soon as I see your message.

Fortunately I have not been depressed for over a year now. If and when I get depressed again I will have more time for replying but for the moment have to cut back a bit.


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  • Very best wishes to you Olderal


  • Good for you, take care of yourself and keep that depression at bay. Pam

  • You'll be missed but I understand your reasoning. Please dp pop in and say hello from time-to-time.

    Best wishes 🙋

  • I understand and it's lovely of you to let us know. Enjoy your time, it is yours and we are here to pop in and out of as you please. I have noticed you have offered a considerable amount of support to other members so would like to thank you for this and say it is noticed by those of us who read the site. There are many more who read than who respond each time so I'm sure there are many who have benefitted from your replies to date. Gemma XX

  • I would just like to thank you for your helpful support to me, Olderal, and best wishes to you.


  • I respect your decision. I'm finding it harder to be as active as I was now that I have a job.

    I'm so grateful for your words of encouragement when I first joined. I can tell how much effort you put into it. Thank you.



  • Thanks everyone for your kind words. I would just say that trying to help others has probably helped me more than anyone. makes one feel useful , makes me feel my problems are n't as big as perhaps many others. i would really recommend replying where you feel you can help as it gives a nice feeling to have helped someone although it is difficult sometimes to find the right words.Even getting a "like" gives a very nice feeling.

    I'm not going away , just cutting back a bit, but will still be replying as much as I can.