No feeling myself today

hi all. So about 4 weeks ago i was sexually abused. An it has effected my relationship with my partner i have been with for 14 years it was one of his friends that has done that to me. So i sat and told him what happened .but the person that did that to me is going around and tellin people a different storie saying that i wanted it all witch i didnt. So when these people keep calling my partner to tell him what this person is saying he starts doubting me thinkin im lieing to him and trying to blame me for what happen its really putting me down an making me really depressed i just dont no what to do.


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  • Have you reported this ? Please say you have, this creep can go on to do this again, that's if he hadn't done it before.your partner should believe you he isn't much of a friend to your partner is he, for even saying to him he went with his girlfriend what boyfriend would accept this. Please talk to someone out with your partner ie police, Dr or hospital. Don't let him away with what he has done to you you are the victim, don't think for one moment you are to blame to many men get away with this. And if your partner is starting to believe him he isn't much of a partner. I so hope you understand what I'm trying to say. You are better than what they are making you feel please please tell someone. Thinking of you. Let me know how you are we can pm if you would like. Someone will be along soon to probably give better advice but hang in there someone is always here to listen xxx💔

  • I have told the police about it. I just hope he will

    Get done for this

  • I'm so glad you have, if it protects other girls from him and he gets the book thrown at him. I hope your partner is listening to you and know what his so called mate is all about. Remember if you need anything or to talk come on here someone will be around. Take care be strong. Xx

  • Please please report this (for legal justice) and speak to a doctor (for your mental health), I hope you sort this out and my thoughts are with you completely. I cannot possibly imagine how you feel. Best of luck and I hope you're okay x

  • You must report this to some authority , if you don't ,you will continue to be a victim. I can tell you are already feeling guilty about this and it is not your fault. You also need to see a Doctor . There are reasons for these procedures and that is to protect you. Don't pretend and don't let your boyfriend pretend that this isn't a big deal, it is. This won't be easy to do, so put on your big girl socks and take care of it. You are so much more than either of these men have treated you. Don't you realize that scum thought he could get away with it and he assumed your boyfriend would do nothing. Please let us know how you get on. You will be encouraged here no matter what decisions you make. Good luck, be tough.


    Report first, then tell your bf. He'll try to talk you out of it so don't let him know.

  • Hi

    That is an awful position to be in, I'm very sorry for you.

    I can understand that you are very emotional and think you should see you dr about this. Your partner is also bound to have mixed feelings about this. I don't doubt that he believes you, but having people call him must be putting him under awful strain too.

    I think that given time and talking calmly about it will help.

    Time does help and distance yourself from this friend of his!

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Thx guys for all the advice will update u on how its going. Xxx

  • Please do, best of luck xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear that something so truly horrible and distressing has happened to you. I'm glad you have reported him to the police. It is very important that you get the right kind of help right now. When something so appalling happens it can rock a person to their very foundations. I don't know where you live, but I'm hoping that there is something called a rape crisis centre near to where you live. If there is I would strongly counsel you to go and see them. They are experts in dealing with the aftermath of the awful trauma of sexual abuse.

    Even if your boyfriend doesn't believe your story, we do and it is very important that you don't go down the road of doubting yourself or God forbid ever blaming yourself.

    The criminal that did this to you is a vile lowlife. There is clearly something very wrong with him. There is nothing wrong with you. No one ever deserves to be any way.

    Pleased do seek help from rape crisis, even if it is only online. They are the experts on all of this.

    I know this must be a very frightening time for you, especially with the animal that did this to you walking free and slandering your name. You can survive this, you can overcome what this wretched man did to you. Don't doubt yourself. Please seek the help of experts. If it helps and if you want to, please let us know how you are getting along.

    In genuine empathy


  • So sorry to hear this and I do hope your partner believes you. You have reported this as he can't get away with this. I do wish you all the best xx

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