Relationship troubles

Me and my BF both have issues and the way I'm getting help has made me a lot more open about my feelings my BF isn't this is creating a divide that I can feel when we talk online it's like I don't exist when we're apart as he doesn't use social media much everything's fine when we're together it all pushes on my insecurities and I just need advice on how to show him I'm trying to open up to him and be strong for him but sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough and that I try too hard and I'm waiting for it to come crashing down on me like I'm waiting for myself to screw up and I feel like I am


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  • Hi

    Don't pressure yourself or him. Everyone is different, it's helped you, but maybe he's not ready yet?

    Try just to gentle suggest it might help, if he says he's not ready, you'll have to accept that.

    Good luck.

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