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I've been feeling extremely sad and numb lately. I have the same routines over and over and over again. It's driving me crazy. I go to sleep so late because I can't make myself fall asleep early. I wake up at like 12. I only work part time so I don't have to wake up early. I only have 3 hours to do whatever but I only use it to stay in bed because I honestly just don't care about anything. I used to care about that maybe I should lose weight or how excited I was about books and TV shows but I honestly don't care about anything anymore. I just feel so lonely. I've stopped talking to a bunch of my friends because I don't care enough to keep in touch. I have my family but I'm usually just stuck in my room all day. I want to get help but I'm scared they are going to tell me I have depression. I've been feeling this way for years now but I feel like it's getting worse. I used to care about at least something but now I don't care about anything. When I try to see the future I see nothing. I want to do so many things but I give up because I feel like there just isn't a point to it. I know some of you will probably say "Oh I get what you are going through." or "Oh sammmmee". But I'm really looking for answers now. I'm sorry that you feel the same way I do but I'm trying to get help. So please some body tell me what to do. Or how to force myself to get help.


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  • problem solving, healthy eating, exercise, socialising, cbt (Google mood gym) and seeing your GP for some medication

  • Hi often depression will go away of it's own accord, but it sounds like yours isn't. Goldfish offers some excellent advice but if you feel you can't work up the motivation to help yourself then you need to go to the doctor and ask for help. Surely it's better to have a diagnosis than not? Better to know than not? x

  • Sounds like depression. Plenty unpleasant about that but nothing scary. its just an illness .

    Goldfish has said it all really but those things don't come easily to most when depressed. Whether they come easily or not, no one else can do them for you so you've got to do them.

    You have my full sympathy but you need to see your GP. Medication will help ,not immediately, but you have to help yourself too. The first 3/4 of your post lists things you don't like about yourself. When you dislike them enough you'll seek help or go under. Its really that simple . Myself , I would n't risk cutting it too fine and would seek help now.


  • But please keep in touch to keep the conversation going if you want to improve. All too often people make a dramatic posting and never respond to the suggestions.

    We like to try and help, but also to hear of your progress.

  • I feel like maybe I should try doing routines. To be more active or at least to keep myself from staying in bed all day till work.

  • Certainly. Doing some exercise each day instead of lying in bed. Get some antidepressants from your doctor. Just do it!

  • I've heard that those just make things worse. Some people are prescribed those and they don't even need them.

  • Well you can have a go at the self help things first, but the tablets are worth a go if you are not making progress or if this has been going on for months

  • Hi,

    You've received some really good advice, so I don't think I can add to that. It's good that you are reaching out for help. Forgive me if I am misinterpreting this but you come across as somewhat dismissive about our empathy when you say: "I know some of you will probably say "Oh I get what you are going through." or "Oh sammmmee"."

    I know that you have said that you are numb, and maybe this means you are numb to how your words come across. Go to the Doctors and start your journey of recovery.


  • I'm sorry I wasn't trying to seem rude it's just whenever I want to get help most people just say they get it and that's it. I don't mind people going through the same thing I do, I understand I'm not the only one. But I'm looking for solutions. Seeing a bunch of people saying they are going through the same thing sometimes makes me feel worse because I feel like maybe this is all I'll ever feel because everyone else does. Which doesn't help me. I didn't mean to sound apathetic.

  • Hello again, there are days I get up late but to be staying in bed until midday is not good.It will almost certainly give you feelings of guilt which is the last thing you need . If it does n't give you feelings of guilt you are getting to the almost beyond redemption stage. Either way you need to start showing yourself some respect and a good start would be to be out of bed most days by say 9.00 am. That is n't asking much.

    Depression will make this more difficult than for most people but if you can't manage that most days then you are doing very little to help yourself. I'm pretty old and have had depression on and off for years and my experience is that medics and friends will do a lot to help you but if you can't get yourself out of bed by 9.00 they are probably wasting their time.

    It is all too easy to get into a loop where one has had no enjoyment all day (due to depression) so one stays up too late desperately trying to find some enjoyment from late night TV (you'll be lucky) or the internet. So you then get up later and later and stay up later and later. I've been there,its not good for you and the way to break this loop is very obvious.

    On which happy note I'm off to bed. We oldies need a lot of beauty sleep to look even passable.