Using drug for once can get addicted ???

Hello there ,

I have never used drug but I'm scared that someone put drug into my drink. The day before yesterday , I went to a cafe to buy Mocha with my friend . We just bought 2 cup of Mocha and then I need to line up again to buy another one and that time I just left my drink on the table which my friend sat but there are two guys sat at this table too not only them there are also a lot of people that walked pass my drink . I m just scared that those people might put drug in to my drink because my friend didn't pay attention and look at my drink and then I left from the cafe but I don't feel bad , I m worried that I will be drug addicted because I accidentally left my drink at that time. Yesterday, I always think about it every time and try to google for sign and symptoms and then I started to feel like I have some of it . I have a headache, want to vomit , trembling , fever something like that . I don't know what to do right now , I'm so scared that will ruin my life and I also cry over this too. What can I do , help me ??? Using drug for once can get addicted ? Is it easy to quit it for using it one time ? How do we know that we will need it again ?


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  • Definitely not. This all sounds like your anxiety and unwanted thoughts which plague you.

    What will seriously affect your life is worrying about things. You should have been enjoying that trip out with your friend to have a coffee, but instead you've managed to find a way to feel bad and worry about it. Try to work on how to feel good about things. Now go and do something that you enjoy


  • Yeah , I feel like I'm overthinking but I can't tell myself to stop worry about this. I'm so depressed. Even my friends try to tell me to think about positive ways but I can't accept it . All I can do right now is worried 😓

  • Hi,

    How old are you?


  • 18

  • Hi you know you can't get addicted to a drug if just used once don't you? And you know no one has put a drug in your coffee! Why would they? You are focusing your worries on something so innocuous as going for a coffee with a friend.

    Your symptoms are caused by your anxiety, so please stop worrying over drug addiction etc. and concentrate on getting better. x

  • Thank you , but I'm still worried .

  • Hi

    I'm no dr, but just from my life experience and from being on strong meds myself, you cannot become addicted from taking it once.

    I also feel that the likelihood of you having dunk anything spiked is very low.

    I am sure that had you had your drink spiked you would have had a reaction and would be certain that something was in it.

    Don't fixate on this. Just be more careful in the future.

    Take care.

  • Thank you , but I'm still worried .

  • Well everyone here feels your worry is inappropriate. This event is in the past now and you have to move on

  • I'll try all my best to let it go 😓

  • You're not experiencing any effects, so that means you're ok.

    Just focus on something else now and forget it.

    Stewing on it isn't going to help you.

    Do something fun today to take your mind off it.

    Best wishes.

  • Now, I'm not having any effects but I'm worried that I'll be have it tmr or next week . 😓

    I can't take my mind off .

  • Distraction is required then. Doing puzzles, vigorous exercise, watching a film chatting with friends about something else, but not writing any more about it. It is over

  • You need to keep your mind occupied and not think about will not happen.