Im lost!!!

Ok im just gonna ramble. I may not even make sense. Ive always been a wild one i have binges of crazy behaviour eg party men shopping etc etc my son recently been diagnosed with adhd until this i never really thought about my behaviour just put it down to my character. I was diagnosed with depression 2 yrs ago been takin meds for that but im still getting dips of low and high moods i obbsess over things too much. I recently started seeing a guy after a week im infactuated by him .i spend money like im loaded but now i have nothing left. What is wrong with me i feel so alone and in my head i try and organise but its not happening

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  • Hi

    It sounds like you should really go and see your GP and ask to talk to a professional.

    As you say this has been going on for years and maybe it's effecting your son, so it's important to try to get help for you both.

    You are now addressing it and by writing on here you are trying to start to sort things out, so that's a good first step.

    Please try to get some help and hopefully if you do you and your son can have a happier and more settled life.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Hi you need to go back to your doctor and ask to see a counsellor. It's possible that this isn't just depression but what's known as bi-polar. Have a google and see if it fits your behaviour. I am not saying it is of course but it's a possibility that you should check out. x

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