The day I've been dreading

Today is the day I've been dreading it would have been my 10th wedding anniversary and brings back so many memories. As people have read my posts before my soon to be ex husband cheated he was physical,mentally and emotional abuse. I do blame myself and I even question why I even stayed with a man like that. He now has a new partner and I've seen pictures on the Internet of them both together and made me feel angry and abit sick. I just feel sorry for her because how violent he can be and he has took on her two small children. I know I have let her find out for herself and I need to think about me and my children. I just think it's a emotional day for me but I'm scared of meeting someone new aswell.

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  • Hi please don't blame yourself as staying with abusive partners is very common. Instead concentrate on the positive - you managed to get out so well done. Try and see your wedding anniversary as your Independence Day. Instead of mulling over what could have been, treat yourself to choccies and wine and congratulate yourself on being free of this awful man. You are not to blame for his behaviour - he is. You can't change someone though we woman all try don't we?

    You have done the best thing and if nothing else you have protected your children against him as well as yourself. You are strong and a survivor. One day you will meet someone worthy of you but there is no rush. Hugs Bev xx

    Remember the lines from the Gloria Gaynor song -'We are woman, we are strong, we know how to get along' la la

  • Thank you for your reply much appreciated and yes sure someone out there will appreciate me but just scared incase they treat me the same but I know deep down all men are not the same x

  • You are well rid of him. Dont go and look at him with his new partner on internet you must go forward and I am sure you will meet some one else who is really nice.There are more nice men than bad ones dont let that bad experience hold you back.😀

  • Yes I don't look on Internet as I don't want to see it. But I just wish he would pay attention to his children rather paying more attention to her children but that's something I can't control. But my kids seem happy that it's just us so unfortunately he is missing out. I'm looking forward to the future x

  • Yes I see.x

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