anger problems

Hi im new here and i was wonderin if i could get advice. In first year i was secually assaulted by two people that i thought were friends and i was abused growing up and i lost my grandad in 2008 and have found it hard to trust people but it seems no matter what happens i get so angry and i dont know why ive never been angry person and i dont know what to do as the slightest thing sets me ofd

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  • You can ask your GP for a referral to a psychologist to address this. This may be a group session.

    There are lots of things on the Internet to try

    You are young and need to control this before it controls you.

    Good luck

  • Hello Princess, Welcome, hope I can be of some help to you. It seems obvious that your anger would be connected to the sexual assault and abuse. I would see a GP and explain your situation and I'm sure he will direct you to the type of treatment you need.Some type of therapy I imagine. We are not qualified to diagnose here , but you can use us for support and general information. I'm very sorry about your Grandfather. I hope you have many happy memories of him. Pam, never been a princess. My husband and kids refer to me as The Queen. We live in America so I guess it's funny over here.

  • Hi

    It sounds to me like you need to go and see your dr and ask to see a specialist to help you through your problems.

    Like grief emotional,problems have a way of showing themselves at different times, in different ways. There can be denial, anger, grief etc,etc...

    There will be no quick fix, but talking to someone who means nothing to you about these things will, I'm sure help you. They will hopefully suggest things that will help you.

    Be strong and good luck.

    Best wishes 😊

  • I had to forgive to be Set Free, a big thing, the forgiveness was only on a personal level, I Wasn't going to ask God to forgive them, but then every little offense hurt my heart, it felt harder to forgive little offenses.

    Is that something like You'

  • Sorry, my phone took the keyboard off when I was trying to correct mistake.

  • Is that like what You're experiencing?