Feeling as if world is collapsing

I have been on treatment for almost two years but have not found any result of illness .Just lately I have increased my appetite and am in a bad mood nothing seems to make me happy ,sudden fear have overcomed me I feel terrible ,feel like a looser everything is just disgusting too bad am a medical student (just joined recently) don't know if I should quit it .Help me please I feel like committing suicide


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  • Hi Faithserah, welcome to the community. Please forgive my question, I am not a medical professional, but why are you being treated without a diagnosis?

    What are you being treated for? Have you had a change of medication that could have a side effect of increasing your appetite? If so, it could also be making you feel suicidal (one AD made my suicidal ideations worse).

    What do you mean everything is disgusting? I have some difficulty following your thought processes.

    How do you feel about being a medical student? Has something happened recently.

    If you are feeling suicidal and you think you are going to do something you need to visit your GP or local A and E ASAP. If the thoughts are just starting you still need to see your GP ASAP. Please let me know you have booked an appointment for today.


  • Thank you Lori I booked an appointment though I had to change my clinic I hope this will help

  • Let me know how you get on. Please be totally honest with your GP.


  • I will thank you 4 concern

  • How'd it go?


  • It went given some tablets to take for a month(I-glutamic acid and oxybral) I hope this will work am at my end point I feeling miserable but the advice am getting here give me courage and strength to fight .

  • How are you doing now?


  • It sounds important to see someone about this soon. Have you booked to see your GP or psychologist as suggested by Lori

    I'm not sure what else you were hoping for from here.

    The BMA offer a confidential service and there is a the practitioners health program in London

    Good luck


  • Thank you Dave I already booked for a appointment today

  • I always found it too hard to get hold of doctors with suicidal idealations. So I Talk To God. Most Of The Time, The truth Is, I don't want to die... I'm just stuck in some situation... That Could Be True, All The Time. God Always Talks Me Out Of It, After I Pray To Jesus, As I'd Talk To A Man, Who I Was Friends With (But I Try To Have More Respect For Him, And He Tells Me Also To Have More Respect For Other People, Too and that for me, being suicidal is an attitude problem. But I was letting thoughts in, because I was angry with my dad and my doctorat the time, for leaving me on a medication, that was hitting me with all the side effects, so I let my complaints be heard. I don't think that's necessarily the problem with You, but I Don't Know You. Then I Repented. But the demons started 'giving Me reasons' to kill myself. God Talked Me Out Of All 'the reasons' I ever heard. There's This Song That Has This Line, That Goes, "Even If My World May Fall, I'll Never Let You Go!" I have A suspended world that's fallen apart, quite a bit; hospitalized in WARD 27, my money for the week, stolen, a big chunk of my Savings Gone, being given injections under the 'Mental Health Act' And told that I 'have religious dilusions,' My Earthly Mom, kicked out on the street, all our money being devoured because I get hungry on the olanzapine, I was getting 405mg, every two weeks, sleeping all the time, ... just now, it's gotten a bit better,... they changed the fortnightly, to every 28 days, still 405 mg... but this morning, I feel better, I Might Go On A Walk, If The Lord Wills, I Stayed Up All Night, still feel tired enough, I Might Go To Sleep, If The Lord Wants, Or Might Write Down An Important Dream I had already On A Night I Slept Before, Or Two...) There were times, I Thought I wanted to die, But God Told Me, What I Believe Are Visions Of My Future. Nothing Like A Good Vision To Keep Me Going...

  • Sorry that life's getting on top of you.

    I can see that you've had good advice.

    Don't do anything rash yet, like giving up on your studies. Get help from your going etc. A medical person who had had problems, like yourself would be a good compassionate dr.

    Hang on in there and good luck!

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks Fib

  • I should imagine your course is very stressful. I work in a mental health unit and we have had quite a few medical students. You are not in your own. There is a lot of good medication out there. Good luck

  • Thanks Maisie

  • I think people like ourselves who go into the medical profession tend to be sensitive and compassionate so can be prone to mental health illnesses. We certainly don't do it for the pay or good hours

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