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Hi y'all! I have tendonitis in both of my knees and they're hurting. I was getting ultra sound therapy until the therapist cleared me. The therapy worked, but now they hurt again. I had knee straps, but lost both of them and have taken pain killers too. The thing is that neither the knee straps nor the pain killers are permanent fixers. They are only temporary solutions. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  • Difficult to be certain of your diagnosis, but if it is "jumpers knee" which affects the tendon below the knee cap, the treatment is rest, ice, physio and NSAIDs.

    Taping may help, or getting orthotics, but it often persists for a long time and is recurrent

    If it settled with physio before, then that sounds to be the thing to do again.

    Hopefully yours is mild and will come under control, but if persistent and this is what you have then

  • Turmeric may be the answer to your problem Even better if it was depression related since it works to relieve that too Since it contains its own oil, if you can find it in the shop, the best form to take is fresh grated root with a sprinkle of black pepper. Otherwise look for 95% curcumin with a bioavailability enhancer such as piperine and/or oil.

  • I'm in agreement with linlow that Tumeric maybe of great help and will inc link to Dr Greger s site:


    - hope some info of interest for you :)

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