Have had depressed and PYSD for 4 years

Okay, May 16th 2012 just the day after my parents 19th wedding anniversary, at age 18 I found my father crushed under the family car in the drive way while he was working on it. It's been four years now I'm happily married and the depression and PTSD still won't go away. Recently I've been looking into disability claims but I can't find an online application. Can anyone help?


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  • Very sad. I take it that you are unable to work? If so you can apply for ESA but the tests of fitness to work are quite rigorous and very few obtain benefit for psychological reasons unless you can demonstrate major disability. It is extremely unusual to get it on the basis of depression or ptsd, but good luck in having a try.



  • No i can't, i try to work but nothing sticks because of my condition.Not being able to sleep and eat is the worst part of it all.

  • How terrible. Well you can certainly give it a try but they are certainly not generous!

    Have you tried amitriptyline, it usually helps both sleep and appetite as well as being antidepressant?

  • Oh wow. I am so sorry. That must have been awful. I am not surprised that you have depression and PTSD. Have you had counselling? Are you on any medication?

    It sounds like you have experienced some good things, like getting married and being happy in that relationship.

    Have you been to Citizens Advice? Do you have a Welfare Nurse at your GPs? Mine helped with those types of things. Also suggested that I make small steps by volunteering to gain my confidence up.

    I hope that time and specialist help will heal you.


  • Due to my husband being in the military we move around alot and it's hard to stick with one therapist but yes I've had councelling and take medications.

  • That sounds really difficult. Can the military provide you with a counsellor? Could you find a counsellor that you could talk to via Skype or FaceTime?


  • I could find a military counceller but skype and face time im not sure.

  • I have depression and PTSD and have just been placed in the support group for esa for 2years until next review. So give it a go. I hope it works out well for you.

  • I'll look into it thanks.. I do consider my 3 huskies my ESAs though lol

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