Don't know what to do anymore??

Morning everyone, its been a while since I've written on this forum as with my medication and counselling I started to feel human and not like a robot.

Anyhow my counselling has stopped and my other health problems are getting sorted, slowly getting there. Don't get me wrong I still have my bad days, yesterday was one of those days but worse.

It all started with my nasty, bullying, woman hating neighbour. The council came round to have a look at a job that needs doing, so he parked a bit over their drive as that was the only place available. The woman came round ranting and gave the council man a mouthful (bad language included). She wasn't even wanting to go out anywhere, it was just the fact of him parking a bit over their drive. Then we had a takeaway and the same happens again but this time he was parked outside their house then to top it all I had my shopping delivered at 9pm last night by a woman from Tescos. When I answered the door she was shaking and seemed upset as she had to park by their drive and he came out and used very colourful language at her. She took photos as evidence as she was not parked over their drive, he then came round ranting at me and my 2 daughter's (1 daughter is 18 and the other is 28 and pregnant) I've been keeping a diary of events that have happened with him but now I'm feeling very low and crying all the time. I feel like disappearing, its only my daughter's that are keeping me here. I hate coming home, its like he thinks he owns the road. The other things he's done is kill my elderly cat by going up and down his drive with the cat underneath, entering my back garden to get some bricks I had (didn't even ask me), came into my front garden to paint his fence and trampled over my flowers, reported me because my cat was sick on his drive, reported my daughter for parking outside his house, throw dog dirt over my fence etc etc etc.It's at the stage were I'm feeling suicidal again but don't want to go down that road again as its taken a long time to feel good again. My 18 yrs old hates coming home as he has been vile towards her but what else can I do, the council and police have both told me to keep a diary but surely they can help me in other ways. I was abused and groomed by my ex husband.

Has anyone any advice as slowly I'm going back to stage 1??

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  • We had some of the same problems at our old address, you either approach the police or council whatever will help. When we eventually did move it was a breath of fresh of fresh air.

    Sorry that is all I Can suggest. Keep that diary and consider what are the basic problems in your life and address each one at a time.

    Personally I can recommend a house in the countryside where all you can hear is the sound of wind and bird life.

    Our old country market town has past plans for over two thousand houses, it could not happen to more friendly residents than those who drove us out.


  • May be it is time to share the contents of your diary with the council and the police - know it is going to sound daunting at the moment. Did the lady from Tesco leave her details and would she be willing for the police or council to contact here. Can your children help you with keeping the diary for a while.

    An awful and extremely situation and I really feel for you. If the council and police don't throw up any joy then you could try citizen's advice to see if they have any other ideas.

    I know it's difficult and I'm really not trying to defend your neighbour but bullying is often an indication of a deep insecurity in the bully and what they are doing is trying to make their problem your problem. Sometimes realising that helps because although you don't have any way of actually controlling the way they behave you do have a choice about how you respond - as borderriever says.

    Sharing this post on another forum with you as well

  • That is pure harassment and needs reporting. I hope you get help to make it stop.

  • Hi

    I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible neighbours!

    I once had problems with mine in my old house, it does drag you down!

    I know you've involved the council and police, who have said keep a diary etc. Maybe the lady from Tesco could write a short note to say how she was treated by him too for you.

    I don't know if the CAB can help, I know lawyers sometimes Ginsberg their time freely there. Or maybe you could investigate doing a civil case and take video evidence of what he's doing? Maybe a firm of lawyers would do a no win no fee case for you.

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but get as much evidence on him as poss!

    Good luck and remember he's in the wrong and a bully, your the victim! Try to keep your chin up!

    Best wishes 🌸