Hi everyone.

So, my therapist is sending me out the confirmation for my DBT soon apparently it's starting end of August.

She's referring me to an alcohol abuse programme too.

I was gutted yesterday. I was so proud of myself for not drinking a week and being 7 days clean and my partner told me it was no big deal. It was like a kick in the face tbh. He knows what I'm feeling like and I just wanted that bit of support with it. So, I got drunk and went to a strangers house party.

I'm fed up of feeling like this. It's like I've been dealt a crap hand on life and I can't cope. Why am I so weak and numb? It's been years and I still can't rid of this feeling.

I'm wanting to give up. I don't want this anymore.

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  • Perhaps he is using you so he does not feel so bad about his own drinking/drug use? Possibility?

    Don't belittle what you have achieved. The first few days are the hardest. You've done that.

    So - you fell off the wagon - climb back on board and start again. You have proof you can do it now.


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