I hope you aren't tired of my questions yet. This one is....... The title of your life using a book you have read and why.

To Kill A Mocking Bird is my choice. It is such an American book with many layers to it.It is a wonderful story about a man of character, the honesty of children, the hypocrisy of people, of putting someone down in order to feel better about yourself, so much more. This is the kind of person I would like to be,,, honest, good character, do the right thing, direct, with an absolute conviction of right and wrong.


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  • I have too read that book and it is a corker read. I have read many books yet the two I feel will be appropriate for me are yes I have two which kinda go hand in hand for me are by a lady called Louise L Hay. The books being called You can heal your body and the other being You can heal your life. Louise suffered bad health and wrote her first book at age 60 which to me is soul inspiring.

  • And as I am nearing 48, I feel Louise has given me some motivation to enhance my being in a forward and uplifting productive manner :)

  • Are these books available in the states? Easy to get?

  • I should imagine so just peachy. You can get them from Amazon and EBay and also from Hay House too

  • You are a peach among pits. Pam

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