You guys should read this ...what a difference a week can make !

I'm reading Dr. Sarno’s book about TMS ( Tension Myositis Syndrome ), the very real connection between the brain, the subconscious and the body.

Well, what a revelation!

It's lucky that I'm really receptive to new ideas, because my painful backache was banished in one day…..ONE DAY!

Can you believe it?

Apparently it's a growing syndrome, people who suffer from the stress and strains of modern day life get laid low by chronic pain, and pain anywhere in the body that has blood circulation!

This is what I've learnt - The subconscious is like a child, it gets angry, is unreasonable and is continually at war with your conscious mind…the adult.

It's occurred to me, that when I've had a bad cold or flu, and I've been so sick that there is no room for anything else in my mind, except the misery of the sickness…I've thought to myself, it's almost a relief to stop thinking about those evil creatures that were my employers, and my fear of old age and poverty…and losing my faculties.

So, Dr Sarnos` information was not really new to me..deep down I knew it already.

I'd just started the book, and had watched a few YouTube lectures from people who had been healed by the knowledge from the book.

I hadn't yet got to the page that lists the usual ailments that camouflage the emotional storm in the subconscious.

A day later I came upon it, in black and white..MIGRAINES WERE ON THE LIST!

( and depression and chronic pain go hand in hand)

I was convinced from the research I had done, in my desperate search to find a cure, that migraines were genetic, they were vascular, and were incurable.

On contemplating the genetic, yeah, the personality traits run in families..I sadly recognise my mother in myself, and vascular? Yes, the way TMS works is that your brain, having taken instructions from your subconscious, slightly constricts the blood supply to which ever area works best to put you safely out of emotional harms way.

Laid up in bed, in pain, or high on pain killers.

Just understanding the the power your brain has over your body, the connection of your mind to your physical, is enough to stop the chronic pain.

Within days you can be pain free.!

Like I said, all you have to do is understand.

No dancing naked under the moon, or swallowing unspeakable concoctions.

I haven't had a migraine in 7 days.

I usually get 3 a week.

( my depression has lifted too)

If you suffer from chronic pain, from any part of your body, do yourself a favour and read this book, you've got nothing to lose, except your pain.

I downloaded it to my kindle for about £3, and it's isn't too long.

Im just shocked that this information isn't shared by our GPs, surely they are aware of the power of the mind over the body?

I'm almost tempted to give a copy to my GP, and say read this!, but I doubt she would.

They are probably afraid of being regarded as a quack. ( which is exactly what I think they are!)

I had to share this with my fellow sufferers, if I didn't, I'd feel guilty for withholding such useful information. Even if it only helps one person, I'll be happy.

I know this book doesn't help everyone, you need to be receptive and open minded, and not everyone is.

Google it and read reviews on Amazon etc, and there are very good lectures on YouTube, if you don't want to read a book.



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    Agreed!! Here is the NHS trained physio Georgie Oldfield who follows on with Sarno's work. She's no quack but it's up to people to research and come to their own conclusion. Glad Sarno helped you. I think the mindbody approach is the way forward for myself at any rate.