Hard time to eat healthy for a good amount of time

I'm really good at making diet plans. By diet, I don't mean some fad thing. By diet I mean a lifestyle change. I keep trying different approaches to lose fat and feel healthier. When I get into a depression cycle I will just start eating a lot even though I'm not hungry. This usually happens around my period. It does happen other times too. I have a pretty fit body except for my stomach. I carry all my weight there and I am always bloated and it sticks out.. does anyone have any advice at all?


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10 Replies

  • Low low carbs, high intense cardio. Good clean proteins

  • Low carbs doesn't work for me lol. How is like 125?

  • I completely disagree with the fad of "low carb" - we've demonised carbs,. but carbs are not the enemy,. it's what foods you eat., eat a plant rich / veggie-based, cutout processed crap, omit ALL dairy - there are so many good alternatives these days! - variety is key...but by this I mean a verity of COLOURFUL veggies! ;) try and increase the quantity of raw veg, juice if you have a juicer*... Also WHOLE grains,. so many people are not getting enough fibre...


    Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,.(and follow Joe via Instagram!)

    Food Matters

    Forks over Knives

    Read :


    Starch Solution

    How Not to Die (also website NutritionFacts.Org is amaazing!)

    Instagram is full of foodies / healthy people's,. * recommend @jonny_juicer for juicing inspirations!

    There's also an account called @mealmentor <which I think is selling an ebook or something but take a look they suggest lots of easy to prep meals... ***great*** for ideas!!

    There's a chap called Kris @nitropan whom I really like as he puts up quick videos with step-by-steps for food prep



    Ps. Also vaguely remember reading that our bodies do go thru a monthly cycle and often low lows are our bodies trying to tell us we're lacking in something... For example wanting chocolate can = your low in magnesium try a healthier cacao powder in a smoothie or fruit bowl or sprinkled onto brekkie... ;)

  • Another break though is shelled hemp seeds. They must be organic and will help you loose weight as thwmey swell in any liquid. You can get them on Amazon for £11 . They're by Sevenhills wholefoods x

  • Get some raw active Manuka honey. Amazon do it and the one that works for me is Wedderspoons k factor 16. It's £20 a jar but worth every penny . You only need a little everyday as it's extremely sweet x

  • ...I wanted to reply/respond to some of the above:

    RE: good *clean* proteins - this could mean different things to different people,. I would STRONGLY advise towards VEGGIES! ;) ....say 'leafy' greens and cruciferous veg (broccoli / cauliflower) ...and nuts, beans, legumes and Hemp/Linseed/Chia and Quinoa oh and sundried tomatoes... AND FYI a lot - A LOT - of these can be eaten RAW therefore you're not killing any nutrients by the cooking process...


    RE:Hemp seeds yes they are fab.... but re:price quoted, pretty sure there are other/cheaper options out there,. maybe like Holland & Barrett or other local hippy shop..?...Chia seeds are awesome too! ...and Linseed (flax) is also fab to add to smoothies, or if you get the 'milled' one, you can add it to anything you fancy - say a stir fry! ;)

    Ok finally and sorry to be negative, but I'd AVOID Honey,. pls note its NOT a harmless byproduct ((yup I feel kinda sorry for the bees...)) ...try coconut sugar - YES coconut sugar! ;) *try coconut everything! ;) - or you know, you can use things like (mushed-up) *dates* to sweeten lots of dishes...

    anyhooo...back to my tree-hugging!


    [posting additional info here / in case anyone interested,. sorry if not!]

    SOURCE > yourdailyvegan.com/learn/is...

    Is Honey Vegan?

    Honey is one of the most hotly debated topics among both vegans and non-vegans alike. Vegans avoid honey and bee products because they are made from the lives of bees. This makes sense. After all, vegans do not consume (to the extent that is possible and practical) animal products, and a bee is an animal. Others disagree and believe that avoiding minutia ingredients like honey can actually harm the vegan movement by appearing to rigid or difficult.

    This is ridiculous and doesn’t give people enough credit. Worse, it’s faulty information and only ends up confusing people who are unfamiliar with what veganism is and means.

    So, does the cultivation of honey and bee products really hurt animals and the environment? Are insects even animals? Are vegans just being extreme by avoiding honey? What is the big deal anyway? To answer these questions we must first take a look at who we obtain honey from, how it’s processed, and whether or not there are better choices available to us.

    Learn the honey basics- how a bee is actually an animal, how beekeeping is nothing more than another form of factory farming, and how our crops really get pollinated. I’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about vegans and honey, and I’ll even refute those so-called health benefits from using or consuming honey products. I’ve even put together a guide on alternatives to help you make the transition.

    This is a complete and practical guide to finally put an end to the question, “Is honey vegan?”

    Are you serious? Are you really trying to say we should care about insects? That makes vegans look extreme.

    Some well-intentioned people overlook the use of honey because of the widely spread myth that honey and bee products are an all-natural by-products of the necessary pollination of our own food crops. To make matters more confusing, some well-known vegan bloggers and vegan organizations have explicitly stated that avoiding honey is only something that extreme vegans do in hope of attaining vegan perfection. Whatever that means.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is, consuming honey is not only detrimental to bees, it’s detrimental to the environment, and has dangerous consequences to our own food supply.

    And honey is tested on animals such as cats and dogs, among others.

    The thing to understand is that veganism is an ethical philosophy which begins with the idea that we should not use animals in any way and avoid, to the extent that is possible and practical, all forms of use. So sure, it may seem extreme to avoid products made from insects- after all, insects are less aesthetically appealing than say, a puppy. But offering respect to the littlest members of our world seems logical when thinking about caring for those who are perceived inconsequential or weaker than ourselves. We can avoid honey and bee products for our own survival, so we should.

  • Yes I do know what you mean. I find beans help, lentils etc but if you're bloated hmmm. Have you checked if you have IBS?

  • Hi

    I agree with healthy eating as long as it doesn't cut out too many foods.

    Carbs are important for the brain and for the mind, especially people who are suffering from depression etc.

    You might find that the low GI diet suits you?

    Most women are built to be curvy and this is because we are built to bear children.

    I have seen the skinniest women who have a little tummy on them.

    You only live once and I believe if you eat healthy for 80% of the time the odd treat etc should not be the end of the world. Some of the healthiest people have passed from health problems they never knew they had.

    Try to enjoy your life and eat well. 😊

  • I have eliminated pasta and rice. I'm working on eating less bread. I'm trying to avoid refined carbs as much as I can

  • Quick reply to KatieRichie94 ....unless you're Celiac you don't need to omit pasta/rice/bread 🤔 where possible switch to whole grain, brown, or spelt-pasta and spelt - or rye breads ...

    Check out NutritionFacts.org -> nutritionfacts.org/topics/w... there are a few videos there too...


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