I was feeling a little dizzy so I laid down and was listening to an audio book. It's hard to describe how I started to feel it was as if my body were shutting down. I felt weak but heavy, it was an effort to breath and my thinking was confused. I felt like I had had a couple of drinks on top of the flu . It lasted about 1 1/2 hrs. I fell asleep, woke 3hrs later very tired.Have any of you experienced any thing like this? I do see my GP tomorrow.

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  • I don't like the sound of e.g felt like my body was shutting down. Can you call the doctor today or go to a and e. Don't want to scare you but best check it out.

  • I will go to ER if I have any symptoms at all. Believe me I'm a big baby when it comes to my health, not stoic at all. Pam

  • Pam I have had Panic attacks and that doesn't sound like a Panic attack to me. It could be stress especially over the dog, or you could be tired, See your GP tomorrow. But maybe your just worrying too much over your health, And if you get too worried about your health the symptoms cas be exaggerated. Somehow I feel this is stress but are you generally in good health?


  • I am stressed, to many difficult things happening in a short amount of time. My Doctor calls me a high risk patient. I have diabetes, asthma, afib, and I am over weight.I forgot I also have osteoarthritis. It's a lot to deal with, not to mention the dog and my husband the dog. Just shoot me know. Pam

  • Hello Pam I can get something like it.

    When we get older sometimes it can be a blood pressure problem or a narrowing of an artery in the neck.

    In this case you need to tell your GP because it seems to be lasting to long

    If you are still now having problems call the emergency line and explain the problem as the brain may be suffering a shortage of blood, oxygen caused by a thrombosis in the neck

    Mind I am no GP, So take advice ASAP possible now to put your mind at rest


    ps Let Me Know how you get on

  • I already have an appt. and I do feel a little better. I will certainly let you know how I get on. Ty,Pam

  • It doesn't sound like a panic attack to me. It reminds me of when I had labrynthitis though.


  • How did you get on at the docs?


  • Leaving in 10 min. Let you know. Pam

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