Anxiety and depression

Hi all I'm new hear I suffer from anxiety and depression all came on 6 years ago, after I had a tattoo suffering was so bad for the first few years but slowly got better just had a bit more done on my tattoo and boom its all back after 6 year it's so bad. So I thought talking to people with same things may help thanks and hope you are all well


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  • Welcome Sir, Let me understand you, are you saying the tats caused your anxiety and depression? Were you physically sick from them, are they extensive, and what is the subject matter? I have one myself, my kids gave it to me for Mothers Day one year. I don't remember it being particularly painful, it's a small rose with thorn on my hand.

    I wonder if you could be allergic to the dye. Why don't you Google it and let us know what you find out. Better days,Pam

  • Hi thanks for your reply iv looked and the only thing is heavy metal poisoning from the ink can damage the nervous system and cause emotional and nervous system dysfunction. But last time I did get better not 100% but I was well compared to when it all started, but my symtoms are all the same as last time tingling/burning on skin that moves around my body legs, back, head,arms and emotions are i feel panic my thoughts are racing in my head like it's going to explode can't sit still feeling of doom, then I think I can't cope with this and my heart sinks and get butterfly's and feel sick can't eat its horrible i can feel ok some day's then it all comes back in seconds.oh yes I had a large tattoo 3 hours first time, 3 hours second time both 6 years apart from each other. Had one 9 years ago sat for same time 3 hours but was fine after that one no problems thanks

  • I had more done as I had the out line done first time and it was not complete the docs and nerolagist said it was not my nervous system that was all normal had ct scan mri they all was fine put It down to anxiety and depression. Had cbt and was on lots of different med antidepressants I found alot of meds made it worse apart from amatriptaline at night, when I had my tat done the first time I felt down and convinced my self I had blood poisoning and worked myself up that much they think it triggerd my anxiety of bad. And yes I got my tat finished as my wife booked it for my birthday as I was so much better back to my old self I dident for one min think it would send me back there, I did say the morning of the tat cancel it but she had paid it in full so I went and felt fine for a week then started going down hill.I can't help but feel so stupid for getting it done and that sends me down hill Iv been so stupid.

  • Why the heck did you get a Tatoo again if they first one sent you In to a Depression? this is the Strangest Post I have ever read, I find it very hard to believe that a Tatoo caused your Depression , One cure , don't ever get any more Tatoos no matter what.


  • Goldfish

    Can you PM me please


  • Well, you must hold the record for easily cured depression. See your GP, get cured ,and cut out the tattoos.

    Its only a matter of time before tattoos are viewed in the same light they were say 15 years ago and you'd be doing yourself two favours.


  • Well Olderal obviously doesn't have a tat. LOL If I were you Joe I wouldn't get any more. Would an allergic reaction show up on a MRI or a CT scan? What else do they use in tattooing, cleaning solutions? Did you take any thing for pain? Keep digging. Ask your tattoo artist if he's ever heard of this, and give yourself a break, you're not stupid. pam

  • Hi iv asked my tattoo man he has never heard of any thing like this I think iv just stressed my self out and it's all come back I told him what happened last time I had my first one both my brothers have a lot of tats and they never had any problems I just feel like I need to cry all the time it's horrible I don't get what's wrong with me thank you

  • Reading through other people's experiences I would liken it to a mourning for that area of skin that will never be virgin again. Covering all that clear skin with indelible ink is a big step and the brain isn't always logical.

  • Can I ask what age you are?


  • Hi I'm 33 and I will defo not be having any more tattoos thanks

  • Why don't you see your Doctor and find out if you are depressed. From what I've read you are more likely to get a tat when you are going into a state of anxiety or depression so the tat isn't causing your symptoms, your symptoms indicate you are in a low mood and the tat is your way of trying to overcome it. If you search a little more you will find more information. Good luck, Joe

  • Ok thank you

  • Welcome to the site

    Have you seen your GP ??

    Generally I have not heard about anxiety caused by having a tattoo over such an extended period, then going back for an additional extension and suffering again with the same anxiety. May I ask why you went back. I can understand if you wanted to rid yourself of the drawing and you were trying to hide or remove it.

    Can you help me understand the situation you have found yourself in. Could it be something wrong with the initial design and you have tried to improve it. ??

    Why did you have the artwork done in the first place ??


  • All I can really suggest after reading the threads is see your GP and explain your situation.

    I do not know if you saw your GP six years ago and if you are suffering a skin condition, Talk to your GP


  • It would seem, from trawling the internet that a short period of depression that can last for hours to weeks after a tattoo is quite common. If that is the case then this might be a short term reaction and you are worrying unduly because of previous experience. Long term effects seem to be more focused on allergic reactions, to the dyes, that can last several years. We are all unique in our own way and I wonder whether that reaction in you was simply evidencing as a mental rather than physical trauma.

    There are two things that spring to mind should the problem continue, 1) look to your gut. The gut is known as the body's second brain because of the network of connections between them. If the gut is out of sorts it can evidence as depression, amongst many other complaints. So some probiotics added to the diet in the form of fermented foods plus a change to healthy eating (lots of fresh vegetables providing fibre to feed the microbiome) might help, 2) there is some sort of nerve damage, possibly a reaction to the inks. In which case turmeric might help. Turmeric has been proven to rebuild damaged nerves and brain cells. It is also excellent treatment for depression The fresh herb is the best form to use for the majority of issues - about 1/2 to 1 inch a day grated into or onto food.

  • I'm back at docs in morning so see what he says and thanks for the links I will get my healthy eating back on track and try some turmeric too thanks alot for your help

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