How are you?

I grew up with my Dad as you all know and then recently moved out. Just two days ago I texted him and he was nice, but referred to himself as my uncle which he is. That hurt because he is the closest thing to a father I've ever had. I wondered if he was going to completely quit his role in my life as a Dad.

There are people in this shelter who look after me and others who don't. My mood was spiraling downhill when this lady came up to me and asked how I was doing. She was being serious and not just trying to be polite so I told her I was doing fine. Her question lifted me right up because it was then that I remembered that there are people who care. My point is that you can really lift up someone's mood simply by sincerely asking how they are.

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  • That's so nice, just someone showing they care. I hope you are settling in ok. Take care 😘Xxx

  • Hi,

    How are you getting on?


  • I'm fine thanks :)

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